WWE SmackDown Results Live Blog (October 1, 2021): First Draft Night

WWE Smack down returns to our lives tonight (October 1, 2021) with a show from Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the spectacle of the fallout following the Extreme rules last weekend’s pay-per-view (PPV).

It’s time to shake things up again! Tonight’s card features the first night of the annual WWE Draft, which is guaranteed to change the landscape for both Raw and Smack down. On top of that, Edge promised he would return to Smack down tonight to answer Seth Rollins’ call.

It would also make sense to get a follow-up on Sasha Banks’ surprise return to WWE at Extreme rules, as well as the cause of the ring-string malfunction that led The Demon to lose to Roman Reigns.

Check back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Smack down the live blog starts once the show begins on FOX. It will be below that line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFTS OR PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE PROHIBITED.)


I’m a clone, I know it and I’m fine. I am one and more are on the way. I’m two, doctor, three are up for grabs, and in the meantime I have to blog live this pro wrestling show for you friends.

The show opens with some hype for the WWE 2021 Draft.

Commentary welcomes us to the show and beats Bianca Belair against Sasha Banks for tonight.

Five-time NWA heavyweight world champion Adam Pearce and Sony Deville enter to present our first round of draft picks.

The first choice goes to SmackDown, who chooses Roman Reigns, Raw chooses Big E, SmackDown chooses Charlotte Flair, and Raw chooses Bianca Belair to close the first round.

Roman Reigns makes his entrance, flanked by Paul Heyman as usual.

We have a recap of his Extreme Rules match against Finn Balor.

Reigns takes the mic and talks about being number one, then Paul Heyman takes over to give his client his due and he ends up introducing Brock Lesnar.

Enter Brock Lesnar.

He and Roman find themselves face to face, Reigns shoots the first shot and hits him on the ropes, Lesnar runs away and ends up making the German suplex the Usos! F-5 on both Usos too!

We see Charlotte Flair getting ready behind the scenes for an interview to send us on break.

Back from the commercial, Charlotte Flair is interviewed backstage.

She argues that she should be recognized as the top pick in the overall draft for the women’s division and generally smooth out.

Happy Corbin and “Mad Cat” Riddick Moss receive a laughing inset promo.

Happy Corbin vs. Kevin Owens

Owens with a double leg in punching the ground, kicking the corner, stomping the proverbial mud hole in him and sending him to the ground! Leaving for a dive, Corbin runs away and Moss interferes with a chopping block to send us smashing.

Back from the commercial, Owens starts up, moves on to the second, DDT tornado connects for two! Corbin with a schoolboy for two, Deep Six follows him … NO! Going back and forth, Happy runs into a superkick, another superkick, cannonball! Kev at the top, Corbin runs away, KO follows him, cuts, goes inside …

Happy Corbin wins by pinfall with End of Days.

We get a recap from Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch from Extreme Rules and go to the break.

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