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Bosnia, Iran, Nepal, Portugal and Romania have announced their candidacies for the 95th Academy Awards. Here is some information on these choices…

🇮🇷 WORLD WAR 3 (Houman Seyyedi)
IRAN (3 nominations, 2 wins and 2 additional finalists out of 28 submissions)

This drama about a day laborer working on a construction site who ends up in a film about Hitler and World War II won the Orrizonti section in Venice. This might be one to watch with Oscar. Mohsen Tanabandeh (A hero, the mother of Rona Azim) stars…

🇧🇦 A BALLAD (Aida Begic)
BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (2 nominations, 1 win and 1 additional finalist out of 22 submissions)

A contemporary feminist film, described as “restless” and “experimental” in reviews, based on a famous ballad (in Bosnia) of the 17th century. This is Begic’s fourth feature film and his fourth Oscar submission – yes they all got picked – after Snow (2008), Children of Sarajevo (2012), and never leave me (2018). Oscar hasn’t chosen her yet.

🇳🇵 BUTTERFLY ON A GLASS (Sujit Bidari)
NEPAL (1 nomination out of 12 submissions)

According to IMDb, this first debuted in 2020 but given the pandemic and the size of Nepalese cinema, maybe it’s only freshly available there? This one is about a teenage sister and her little brother in a rural community

🇵🇹 ALMA VIVA (Cristèle Alves Meira)
PORTUGAL (no results yet on 39 submissions)

This is the second consecutive Portuguese submission by a female director. This is the director’s first narrative feature and concerns a young girl whose grandmother dies suddenly. Portugal holds the unfortunate statistical distinction of being the most frequently nominating country never to have been nominated.

🇷🇴 FLAWLESS (Monica Stan and George Chiper)
ROMANIA (1 nomination and 1 additional finalist out of 38 submissions)

In a sort of surprise given the profile of RMN (which debuted at Cannes), they went with Immaculate, a rehab drama. The film was well received at New Directors/New Films and in Venice.

With 47 entries so far, the long list of Best International Feature Film is (if past years are any indication) halfway done. You can see full submission tables here but if that’s too much for you all of a sudden, here are some random articles about various countries…

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