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Creating new content of any kind is a time consuming process. And a lot of times the content you’ve spent hours creating doesn’t get the effect you want. Blogging is no different. It takes time, and for most businesses, a lot of their blog content doesn’t generate continuous traffic from Google.

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The Pareto Principle – also known as the 80/20 rule – also applies to blogging, meaning that 20% of your articles will produce 80% of your traffic. The key here is to identify your top performing content. As you go through your analytics and identify content that drives traffic, pay close attention to articles that you published some time ago. Take a good look to see if anything has changed since the time you posted it.

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If your old, traffic-generating content is out of date, you’re not providing your audience with quality, up-to-date information and advice. It makes sense to update it in order to direct people to relevant content. Things change quickly, no matter what industry you are in, and those changes should be reflected in your content as well. Regularly update your content with new relevant information and repost it. You will be doing yourself and your audience a service by doing so.

What do I mean by repost?

If you are using WordPress, you will update your existing content and replace the published date with the new date. This means that it is launched again as a new position. However, it is important not to change the URL of the article. If you change the URL, it’s like writing a brand new article, and you won’t get the benefits of reposting it. This is especially important if you have backlinks for this article. You don’t want to lose traffic because of broken backlinks.

Here are five great reasons to repost your content:

1. Your old content is getting free traffic from Google, but it’s outdated.

When someone finds your article through Google, they will have a bad impression of you and your business if the content is no longer valid. It’s not the traffic you want and certainly not the image you want your target audience to have of you.

It’s important to update older content to make sure it’s relevant. If the article requires minor edits, you may not want to republish it. But if you’re making substantial edits, it makes perfect sense to repost the content and give it an extra boost by promoting it.

2. Your content is unranked on the first page.

Over 91% of people don’t go beyond the first page of search results. Imagine if you were at the top of the second page. Think about all the traffic you would have missed.

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By revisiting, updating and reposting the content, you have a chance to get more shares and more links to the content, which means you have a good chance of pushing that article to the first page of search results. . But if you leave it as it is, your chances are closer to zero and your position in the search results will only go down, thanks to new and relevant content posted by someone else.

3. It’s a type of post that you update regularly.

If you are writing on a topic subject to change, your article should be regularly updated to reflect those changes. For example, if you write on social media tools, you definitely want to update this content regularly. Not only are new tools released regularly, old ones also change. You don’t want people on your site reading features that no longer exist.

4. It’s an important post that you want your new audience to see.

Imagine you have an article on your site that is a few years old – a very important article that convinces your audience of the value you can bring to them. Even if the article isn’t out of date, you might want to repost it to get a whole new take on the content.

When reposting, always look for ways to improve the post. For example, you can improve the images shared with the post or add a little more content. You are probably more experienced than when you wrote the post, so why not use it to your advantage?

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5. To take advantage of Google’s algorithm changes.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms. One big change over the past couple of years is its shift to a more semantic analysis of your content. This means that Google doesn’t just focus on finding exact matches of certain keywords in content. He’s trying to figure out what the content is about. So now you had better focus on a topic rather than keywords. You always optimize specific keywords; you don’t want to just duplicate these keywords all over your content. Instead, you need to think about the keywords and associated synonyms. Adjusting your old posts to this algorithm is a smart thing to do if you count on ranking well in search results.


If you have good quality content that drives a lot of traffic to your website, don’t leave it as it was when you hit the publish button and hope for the best. Check back regularly and see what you can do to make it even better and more useful for your audience. Use it to your advantage just by updating it every now and then.

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