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Learn about Yelp’s latest launches and enhancements for businesses, from the ability to schedule calls with potential customers to a free Apple Pay Signage Kit.

Request a call
Contactless payment + Apple Pay
Schedule Connect posts
Ecological attributes
Modernized business account pages
Behind the review podcast
Yelp for Restaurant Floor Plan Editor

Request a call

Request a Call makes it easy for Yelp users to request a phone call directly to service businesses on Yelp to discuss a potential project or get a quote, removing the initial friction often encountered in the hiring process.

In fact, an internal Yelp study showed that 40% of consumer calls to service companies last less than 30 seconds, indicating they weren’t answered or didn’t result in a call. meaningful conversation. With Yelp’s new Request a Call feature, consumers can request phone calls at specific times, resulting in faster responses regarding upcoming projects and a seamless connection with the business.

Contactless payment options are more attractive than ever to consumers and business staff. If your business accepts contactless payments, be sure to indicate this on your Yelp page under your business amenities (or attributes), where you can select options such as “Accept Apple Pay.”

To update this section of your page, sign in to your Yelp for Business account and click on the Company Information tab.

Pro Tip: Let online customers know you accept Apple Pay by download apple pay brand for use in email, on your terminal screen, on your website, and in your app. You can also easily add Apple Pay to display on your Apple Maps list.

If you have a physical location, you can order free apple pay stickers to put on your showcase and register. The decal kit includes one glass decal, two register decals and six bollard decals. The signage kit includes three 7×11 inch posters, five 4×6 inch counter postcards, two window sticker sheets, an employee reference card and a decal sheet.

Schedule Connect posts

Companies can now program Relate messages to be published at a specific and future time. This allows you to plan your post well in advance so you don’t have to scramble to put it together just before it’s time to share your news. You can schedule an unlimited number of Connect posts at any time, allowing you to plan your content calendar on Yelp.

Maybe you want to announce a new cocktail party next week, or you’ll be offering a special landscaping service next month. You can create the content when you have time, set a date, and the Connect post will launch when you’re ready to start promoting your message.

Also, remember that you can set end dates for your posts. This means that posts will be automatically deleted once they are no longer relevant.

Ecological attributes

Business owners can add the following green attributes to display on their Yelp page. These free search attributes help consumers find and support local businesses that have sustainable practices. Choose from:

  • EV charging stations available
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Provides reusable tableware
  • Bring your own container allowed
  • Compostable containers available

In addition to those listed above, other relevant attributes include “Bike Parking” and “Vegan”.

To add these attributes to your page as well as other green tips, check out our sustainability resource center.

Modernized business account pages

We recently revamped a few pages of the work account experience. You’ll see clean, modern versions of the following pages when you connection: reviews, opening hours and amenities. These enhancements were implemented to help business owners and managers easily update and manage some of the most important information on their Yelp pages.

Behind the review podcast

The Behind the review Yelp & Entrepreneur Media Podcast has a new home on Yelp for business. Listen to individual episodes, subscribe to the show, and more.

Learn more from the podcast: It’s no secret that business owners want positive reviews and customers want a positive experience. In the Behind the review podcast from Yelp and Entrepreneur Media, we dig a little deeper into both accounts. Hosted by Yelp small business expert Emily Washcovick, the podcast features conversations with reviewers and business owners about their experiences, whether it’s one star or five, giving listeners insight into the behind the scenes of what was really going on.

Yelp for Restaurant Floor Plan Editor

Control the capacity of your restaurant by editing your floor plan directly in your Yelp Business Account. Now you can update your business page, respond to reviews, follow up with Connect, and adjust your Yelp Guest Manager settings in one place.

You can now also plan future floor plans. Are you having a big party next week? Assign upcoming reservations and block tables days in advance so you can prepare staff for upcoming shifts.

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