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Apple began rolling out iOS 16.1 beta 3 to developers today, with a public release of the release expected soon.

YouTuber zollotech rounded up all the changes from beta 3 in a recent video. iOS 16.1 beta 3 comes with a modem update that may resolve connectivity issues for users who were experiencing them, and other notable changes include:

  • Updated and more responsive UI for wallpapers in Settings > Wallpapers with more options.
  • Updated graphics for new Focus modes in Settings > To concentrate.
  • New In-app content option in Settings > App store which is enabled by default. It automatically runs new apps in the background to download content before launching them for the first time.
  • Remove it Material Accessories option in Settings > General, likely to work on it before reintroducing it. The Beta 3 release notes mention fixing an issue with Matter accessories, but several other known issues persist and need to be fixed.
  • Added code for satellite connectivity, but the feature is not working yet. Apple plans to launch the feature later this year in November.
  • Live activities for live sports scores works in iOS 16.1 beta 3, although it works from beta 2.

iOS 16.1 beta 3 also fixes a known issue with YouTube Picture-in-Picture where the video would go blank after the user entered Picture-in-Picture mode.

You can verify zollotechFull video below:

iOS 16.1 beta 3 is still likely to be buggy and exhibit unintended behavior frequently. Apple works through iOS 16.1 issues with each new beta as it prepares for a full-scale public release.

Along with iOS 16.1 beta 3, Apple also released developer versions of iPadOS 16 beta 10, macOS 13 beta 9, watchOS 9.1 beta 3, and more.

iPadOS 16 beta 10 answers user calls and brings Stage Manager to non-M1 iPads, starting with the 3rd and 4th generation iPad Pro models from 2018 and 2020, respectively. Older iPad models only get a simplified, single-screen version of Stage Manager, at least for now.

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