What to do if your blog is flagged on Tumblr

If you fall on the wrong side of the Tumblr community guidelines, you could face a content flag or a complete platform ban.

Sometimes all it takes is a flagged post and all of a sudden your whole blog has been deleted.

If this has happened to you, or if you think your content has been reported incorrectly, here’s what you need to do …

What if your content was flagged on Tumblr?

The good news: There is a diplomatic community review process that you can initiate if you believe your content has been wrongly flagged or your blog has been wrongly terminated.

You’ll know that a message you created was flagged in one of two ways:

  • You will see a notification about the message (s) in question.
  • You will receive an email informing you of the problem.

Once you get to this point, you have options. One of those options is to appeal the decision.

How to appeal a Tumblr ban or content flag

tumblr call content

All posts reported on Tumblr carry a large red banner, the previously mentioned post notification. It should include a large Appeal button. Click this button to start the ball rolling.

While much of the moderation of content on Tumblr is automated to some extent, Tumblr’s guidelines ensure that every call is, in fact, reviewed by a human.

Appealing Tumblr’s decision won’t always result in its overturning, but it is the best workaround if the reported content is of a truly innocent nature. Another approach would be to report the incident through the Tumblr support page.


How to bypass the Tumblr ban via the Tumblr support page.

You can also simply delete the post in question, a quick and easy option that might help prevent your entire blog from going down.

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What happens when an entire blog is flagged as explicit?

There are two types of moderation on Tumblr: post moderation and blog moderation.

You can post something marked as explicit without necessarily being closed. If you find yourself on the algorithm’s radar quite frequently, or if you are flagged by a large number of other users, however, other action may be taken against you.

Sometimes your blog will end up being banned and almost unusable.

So what if your entire blog is flagged? You will still be able to browse Tumblr in most cases, unless you do something exceptionally negative that warrants a complete deletion of the Tumblr account.

If your entire blog is flagged, you will be subject to the following account limitations:

  • You will no longer be able to browse the blog from its own URL; Posted blogs are only available from the Tumblr Peepr dashboard.
  • You will no longer be allowed to edit your Tumblr avatar, theme, or header image.
  • Your blog will not be recommended to other users through the Tumblr blogging network or through the Tumblr search results.

Tumblr’s old policy actually allowed users to identify themselves as explicit in their visibility settings, preventing younger users from accessing content.

However, these types of legacy blogs are not exempt from these rules and the option is not available for new blogs.

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Self-reporting is now on par with being reported by a moderator; if your account is tagged this way, it will look like other blogs that are fully flagged by other users, with the same disclaimers.

As of December 17, 2018, Tumblr’s new policy requires previously reported users themselves to comply with the new Tumblr policies or face limitations. This is due to the total ban on adult content on Tumblr.

If your blog was previously marked as explicit before these changes, and you’ve deleted any offending posts you previously posted, you can appeal your blog’s status through the same Tumblr support page.

How to prevent your content from being flagged on Tumblr in the first place

A neon sign meaning zero like.

the Tumblr Community Guidelines are your official source for what isn’t allowed on Tumblr, as well as for all exceptions to its nudity guidelines.

Tumblr users attempt to bypass these Tumblr restrictions by posting prohibited Tumblr content on private blogs or through private messages. This is one of the worst ways to do it because you will likely end up with a ban.

The Tumblr rules, taken in broad outline, are not difficult to follow. Common sense, common courtesy, and good manners are all recurring themes.

Some things that are not allowed on Tumblr in any way include:

  • Visual representations of sexual nudity, activity and contact.
  • Harassment, exploitation and hate speech against any group of people.
  • Articles that glorify self-harm without focusing on recovery
  • Violence, terrorism, gore and mutilation.
  • Cultivate followers, begging for dons, and asking people to promote you.
  • Scam people, spam people, post content automatically, and post deceptive or fraudulent links.
  • Steal original content without attribution and impersonate others.

Nothing here should be an unreasonable request to a legitimate Tumblr user or account.

Tumblr policy as a whole really has only one goal: to provide a safe and fun tumbling environment for all of its customers, including you.

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Where to go after Tumblr banned your blog

Tumblr Support is the first place you need to go to try and rescind a flag or content ban, especially if you believe your Tumblr has been flagged in error.

The changes that Tumblr made to its iOS app also affected users, with seemingly harmless beacons being reported on the platform.

If you’ve never logged in and your blog or content has been flagged as inappropriate, consider yourself lucky. It does happen, but there is always something you can do about it.

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