West Seattle Blog… | YOU CAN HELP: Poogooder grows up at the start of 2nd year


While we mentioned Give Tuesday in our daily preview list we didn’t highlight it otherwise as we try to provide opportunities for EVERY day to be donation day. But we have a request for help from a community campaign – Poogooder, described by the founder Lori Kothe as “a bold idea to launch a community dog ​​trash program to help end finicky dog ​​poop for a happier, healthier community and planet”:

In our first year, Poogooder grew to almost 100 active dog poop bins in West Seattle, run as free libraries, with an increasingly long waitlist (currently close to 50! ). Poogooder has become an incredible phenomenon as we collectively work to reframe dog poo from problem to opportunity for good, but it takes a village. To date, Poogooder has been personally funded by me along with many small donations, mostly through GoFundMe and Venmo.

People can “say thank you” via the Venmo QR code on the lids of garbage cans (Venmo @Poogooder), but we need a financial boost now to fill the waiting list and keep Poogooder going. Consider giving Poogooder this #GivingTuesday to help us reach our campaign goal by the end of the year, regularly donating through Venmo and giving in other ways listed on Poogooder.com. Poogooder is currently not a registered non-profit organization so donations are not tax deductible but all donations go directly to support the program as it is currently 100% focused on donations and volunteers. . We explore additional funding models such as grants and partnerships, and welcome ideas from anyone interested in helping Poogooder maintain and grow.

Beyond monetary donations, people can do good today and every day by doing these three things:

1. Always pick up after your dogs and take bagged dog poop with you.
2. Never put dog poop in private trash without express consent.
3. Remember to tie up the bag and treat Poogooder bins and public trash cans with care (dog poop NEVER goes into recycling, food and yard waste, or personal compost bins).

Poogooder is a community project where neighbors offer to maintain the trash cans and move the contents to their personal trash for free, not a paid service, so please show the stewards that you care by not overflowing the trash cans, making sure that your bag goes in fully and closing the cover to keep the rain out. If a bin is full, bring your bag home or check the active bin map at poogooder.com/active-bin-map for a bin nearby. We also need volunteers to help with the program and to sign up as “trash buddies” to support stewards as needed. Join the movement and learn more about Poogooder.com.

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