West Seattle Blog… | Tails to Astonish: Welcome, new sponsor of the West Seattle blog!

Today we welcome one of WSB’s new sponsors, Tails to amaze (4850 California SW) – here’s what its owners would like you to know about what their shop has to offer:

Tails to amaze was inaugurated in 2021 by Shaun and Nicole Duff. We moved to Seattle in 2015 and West Seattle in 2016 where we fell in love with this part of Seattle.

Our logo represents our two cats Kitten (a tuxedo) and meeps (a red tabby).

Shaun has loved comics since he was a kid. He collected many titles, but especially Amazing Spider-Man and The Infinity Gauntlet (anything with the villainous Thanos). Some other favorite titles include Saga, Batman (The Killing Joke & Dark Knight Returns) and The Walking Dead.

Nicole loves movies and shows, and loves meeting artists and original comics. In fact, she has a notebook of original Kittie & Meeps art sketches. Nicole loves books like “Harley Quinn: The Eat. Slam! Kill. Tour”, “Maneaters” and “Cat Woman: Lonely City”.

Why come to Tails to amaze? We are the only store of this type in West Seattle! We also have a large selection of back issues, graphic novels and new books. If we don’t have a new title or trade paperback you’re looking for, we’ll order it for you! We offer Marvel, DC and Independent titles. We even have a few books from local comic creators in the store.

The great thing about small business is the personal touch! If you’ve never read a comic in your life, but enjoyed a movie or TV show, Shaun can recommend a book that it might have been based on. We have a great selection of superhero books, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and more. We can help you find the title you’ll love! We can also help you with gift suggestions.

You can find individual issues, graphic novels (which are a collection of complete stories in one book). If you follow a new book, we can offer you a subscription so that you never miss an issue!

We also buy comics! If you have books gathering dust, contact us! We are happy to set up a time to see them and offer you a fair price for each one or just one. Even if you don’t know what you have or the value, we’ll be honest with the value and you don’t have to worry about selling them online or being harmed.

We have a great section for young readers with books from 0.25 months and up! We have books for ALL ages from Little Golden Books for the youngest readers. Comics are a great way to entice reluctant readers to read!

Store hours are 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday. PS Come for Free Comics Day 2022 (this Saturday, May 7)! We have some great titles for all ages. 1 FREE book per person, plus 2 more free, with a $10 purchase. All $1 comics, plus comic sets, buy 2, get 1 FREE!

We thank Tails to amaze for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news through WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory form here, and find information on how to join the team by going here.

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