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It’s week 6 and we have a ton of great games waiting for you this Sunday. Can’t watch the games this afternoon? We’ve got you covered with all the action during the 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. ET game roster.


Saquon Barkley

Kenny golladay

Darius slayton

Ty’son williams

Sammy Watkins

Curtis Samuel

Nick chubb

Chris Carson

4 p.m. ET

Cardinals – Bruns

Raiders – Broncos

Cowboys – Patriots

Seahawks – Steelers

1 p.m. ET

Packers 24 – Bear 14

Bengals 34 – Lions 11

Texans 3 – Foals 31

Rams 38 – Giants 11

Heads 31 – Washington 13

Vikings – Panthers

Chargers 6 – Ravens 34

(4:05) The Panthers are trying to add points with just over five minutes to go. The Panthers are content with a basket.

(3:56) Patrick Mahomes added more points for Kansas City with assist from TD to WR Demarcus robinson for 24 meters.

(3:49) Lions score a touchdown! Andre Swift rushed for a yard and WR Amon-Ra St. Brownfor two point conversion.

INJURY UPDATE: Oh no, TE Travis Kelce seems injured on the sidelines.

(3:41) Rodgers ran it on his own for a Packers touchdown against the Bears.

(3:37) Davante Adams took a nice pass from Aaron Rodgers for a gain of 41 yards but just went out of bounds at the 21 yard line.

(3:34) The Vikings scored a touchdown with a 5 yard touchdown Adam thielen.

(3:26) Fields related to WR Darnell mooney. They reduced the Packers’ lead to 17-14.

(3:23) Cooper Kupp scored another touchdown for the Rams against the Giants.

(3:20) Chris evans for the Bengals has three run attempts for 14 yards, but also has three receptions for 49 yards and a touchdown. Tracking his progress on offense could be very interesting. YOU CJ Ouzomah just scored on the back of an Evans capture to extend his 26-0 lead.

(3:16) Punt blocked! The Panthers block the Vikings’ punt to pick up and score.

INJURY UPDATE: Latavius ​​Murray limped off the field. Not good for the Ravens.

(3:13) Jones threw another interception. Nope. I’m not joking.

Mahomes found Tyreek Hill for a touchdown and the Chiefs take the lead over Washington. Maybe they fixed some issues.

(3:03) Aaron Jones scored a touchdown for the Packers and Jonathan Taylor interrupted a big 83-yard run to put the Colts in the red zone. Taylor got the touchdown at the end of the ride.

Evan mcpherson added three points for the Bengals to extend their 20-0 lead over the Lions.

(2:58) The Chargers are aiming for the fourth and one goal, but the pass was incomplete.

(2:51) TE Marc Andrews add another touchdown to his stats row after a big week last week. He gets a touchdown for the Ravens. They extend their lead to 24-6 and the Chargers need to increase it if they have a chance in the second half.

(2:43) Oh my God, Joe mixon interrupted a big run for the Bengals with a 40-yard touchdown.

(2:38) Daniel Jones continues to shoot himself in the foot. He pitched another pick for the Giants’ third turnover. Might as well put Mike glennon at this stage.

Very well well…. The Giants recovered the ball with an interception on Stafford.

(2:33) This is Darrell henderson making his best impression of Kupp or Woods and fielded a wide receiver. He caught a 25-yard touchdown pass from Stafford. The Rams extend their lead over the Giants 28-3.

(2:25) Patrick muhammad continue to make reckless choices and threw another interception. Wow.

(2:22) Finally, Heinicke took a step forward with a touchdown at TE Ricky Seals-Jones.

(2:20) RB Darrell henderson rushed into the touchdown for the Rams after the Giants intercept.

(2:16) Washington returned the revenue favor with one of their own against the Chiefs.

Plus, Jones threw an interception and the Rams took over with an excellent field position. It sounds repetitive, but it’s true.

The Panthers reduced the lead with a field goal. They follow the Vikings only 12-10.

(2:13) The Packers had a touchdown off the board with offensive pass interference. The Packers choose to kick a 33-yard basket. Never mind… he remains third. It was weird.

Chargers finally rise on the board against the Ravens with a touchdown pass to TE Jared cook, Mr. Clutch.

INJURY UPDATE: Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams is on the court and appears to be in great pain.

(2:09) Washington spat the ball out and the Chiefs take over on offense. Taylor heinicke hasn’t been able to take advantage of the Chiefs’ porous defense so far.

(2:07) Ok, AJ Dillon, I see you. He pulled off a 30-yard run for the Packers. Its use increases as the season progresses, much to the chagrin of Aaron Jones managers.

(2:04) Justin tucker added three more points to the Ravens’ already substantial lead over the Chargers 17-0.

Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp capitalized on revenue with one touchdown pass and one reception. They lead the Giants 14-3.

(2:01) The Texans put boards on the board with a basket. They lag the Colts 10-3.

The Lions are backed on their own 26-yard line, but HC Dan Campbell went there anyway… and they got the first down. Attractive!

Daniel Jones was sacked and the Rams recovered with an excellent field position inside the red zone.

(1:56) Aaron Jones and the Packers are on the yard line against the Bears. They haven’t scored in this game yet and the Bears already have a score. WR Allen Lazard on a shovel passage Aaron Rodgers gets the Packers on the board.

(1:55) Washington has to settle for another basket after once again failing to enter the end zone. They are now trailing counts 10-6.

(1:51) New Vikings TE Chris Herndon (not TE Tyler conklin) scored for the Vikings. There is a flag but it is on the defensive. The Vikings aim two and get half the distance to goal thanks to the penalty. Oh wow! The panthers defense bottled up Dalvin cook and the conversion to two points fails.

After a 22-yard completion at WR Cooper Kupp, it was Robert woods who found the end zone for the Rams.

(1:44) The Ravens rushed into another touchdown, but this time it was Le’Veon Bell. This rotating backfield is going to continue to be a fantasy nightmare.

(1:37) False punt for the Rams! Oh wait, there is a flag. Boo. The fourth down will be repeated after making up for the unsportsmanlike conduct of each team. This time, they end up being satisfied with the boat. Boring.

(1:35) Oh no! Mahomes has been selected again, his fifth in five straight games. It was an eerily similar scene to what we saw last week when a pass bounced right out of WR Tyreek Hill(who suffers from a thigh injury) and in the arms awaiting defense.

(1:32) The Vikings must again rely on Joseph for another basket.

(1:30) Holy cow! Big touchdown pass and catching up Carson Wentz To Parris campbell. A 51-yard touchdown for the Colts against the Texans.

The Lions have just eliminated Burrow who was looking for Ja’Marr Chase.

(1:24) The Ravens strike first against the Chargers and the league’s worst run defense. RB Latavius ​​murray scored the TD.

Dustin Hopkins kicked off a basket for Washington who now leads 7-3.

(1:22) Chubba Hubbard, substitute Christian mccaffrey who in IR, entered the end zone for the Panthers after Darnold started the game with an interception.

(1:20) RB Khalil Herbert finished the ride with a touchdown. He’s the only RB left for the Bears with David Montgomery on IR and Damien williams in the COVID-19 reserve.

(1:19) Justin Champs completed a 20 yard pass to WR Allen Robinson and fight their way into the red zone against the Packers. Robinson is finally starting to show some life now that Fields is getting more comfortable under cross.

INJURY UPDATE: Giants WR Kadarius toney was ruled out for the rest of the game.

(1:11) Is Jody Fortson really turning into a thing? He caught a 22-yard pass from Patrick muhammad to set up Darrell Williams for a two-yard touchdown run.

RB Chris evans caught a 24 yard pass from Joe terrier for a Bengals vs Lions score

The Giants had to hit a basket to score points against the Rams.

(1:07) The Vikings couldn’t convert turnover with a touchdown and had to settle for a 25-yard field goal in Greg joseph. The Panthers defense made several big saves against WR KJ Osborn, TE Tyler conklin, and RB Dalvin cook.

(1:04) Sam darnold opens their game against the Vikings with an interception. Not a good start for the Panthers. The Vikings have an excellent field position on the 22-yard line.

Daniel Jones almost fumbled against the Rams, but the Giants were able to recover.

Updates to come after kick off at 1:00 p.m.!

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