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Week 4 has arrived and we’ve got a ton of action unfolding with some big-scale matches. Can’t watch the games? Don’t worry, I support you! Stay on top of the action throughout the 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. ET game roster so you don’t miss a thing.


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4 p.m. ET

Cardinals – Rams

Seahawks – Rams

Ravens – Broncos

Steelers – Packers

(5:20) WHAT! What a throw and catch by Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown for a 49 yard touchdown for the Ravens!

(5:14) The Seahawks make it a 7-7 game with a touchdown pass to DK Metcalf, albeit a little tight, so the game is under review.

(5:10) The relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb still exists! Cobb scored a 23-yard touchdown to extend his lead over the Steelers 14-7.

(5:06) Big take from TE Mark Andrews! But it was Latavius ​​Murray who found the end zone for the Ravens. The backfield continues to be a mess.

(5:02) Oh my God, Ben Roethlisberger fumbled and Green Bay takes over on the 23-yard line.

(4:56) Aaron Rodgers just ran 25 mph for a touchdown… just kidding. About the speed. He did, however, rush for a touchdown.

RB Sony Michel fumbled and the Cardinals recovered in the end zone.

TE Noah Fant scored a touchdown for the Broncos against the Ravens.

(4:38) Van Jefferson in the end zone for the Rams against the Cardinals.

(4:32) Wow! Big scoring WR Diontae Johnson (Can Big Ben suddenly throw in the field?) 45 yards for the Steelers.

(4:30) A tight end scored for the 49ers, but it wasn’t George Kittle … it was Ross Dwelley. (Sigh).

(4:23) Matt Gay kicked a basket but Stafford was then intercepted!

1 p.m. ET

Washington 34 – Falcons 30

Texans 0 – Bills 40

Lions 14 – Bear 24

Panthers 28 – Cowboys 36

Colts 27 – Dolphins 17

Bruns 14 – Vikings 7

Giants 27 – Saints 21

Titans 24 – Jets 27

Chefs 42 – Eagles 30

(4:35) The Jets are trying valiantly to take this game away from the Titans. They face the 4th and goal in overtime. Matt Amendola’s 22-yard field goal is good, but the Titans get the ball back. But, the Jets take it with a field goal.

(4:23) The Falcons just closed the deal against the Washington football team with a questionable no call.

(4:11) Cousins ​​just threw an interception which means the Browns win against the Vikings in Minnesota.

Dustin Hopkins is ready for the Washington football team to win by one if his kick is right. A run from JD McKissic under review that could be a touchdown.

Kenny Golladay makes a big overtime catch for the Giants against the Saints. RB Saquon Barkley gets the touchdown.

The Titans score a TD to tie the game against the Jets with a TD assist to Cameron Batson.

(4:04) Touchdown for the Darnold Panthers to an open DJ Moore.

Cousins ​​is selected with less than 30 seconds to go, but there is a flag. Defensive pass interference on the Browns. Oh man. The Vikings receive a new set of down. They are tied for 21-21.

The Giants and Saints are in overtime at 21-21.

(4:00) Let’s go ahead and do three touchdowns for Tyreek Hill.

(3:57) Kicker Graham Gano just tied the Giants’ score against the Saints 21-21 with a field goal of 48 yards.

(3:52) Taylor Heinicke just can’t help it. He threw a 17-yard touchdown at McLaurin just before he was crushed to the ground. Two point conversion to come.

(3:48) So Josh Allen is out, but that didn’t stop the Bills from scoring with Mitchell Trubisky! It was about a racing game by itself, by the way. And, Allen is not injured, they are right in front of 41-0.

(3:42) Jacoby Brissett! You are still alive! His pass to Parker is complete (after a drop) for a touchdown!

(3:36) We have another two touchdown game, and this time it’s from TE Mo Alie-Cox of the Colts. And Tyreek Hills scored another touchdown for the Chiefs.

(3:32) Zack Moss… is it time to start taking him seriously? He scored a touchdown for the Bills. They attack the Texans who remain aimless.

** My apologies for the spelling and grammar… there’s a lot going on at the same time.

(3:29) In case you’re worried, Pollard had a murderous run for a 14-yard gain for the Cowboys.

(3:25) Mike Davis obviously feels left out as he received a 7-yard touchdown from Matt Ryan and Kenny Gainwell entered the end zone on a 7-yard reception from Jalen Hurts. Lots of RBs receiving touchdowns today.

Zach Wilson threw a big pass from 29 yards to enter the red zone to Jamison Crowder who is finally active. Wilson returns to Crowder for the touchdown to tie him against the Titans.

Trevon Diggs himself has a game in defense with another turnover against the Panthers.

(3:21) Dawson Knox scored again with a one-yard touchdown from Josh Allen and at the same time Dak Prescott threw a 32-yard touchdown to WR Cedric Wilson.

Plus, not to be outdone, the Titans score a touchdown on a one-yard run from King Henry himself.

(3:13) The Chiefs add to their lead against the Eagles with a one-yard run of… not Clyde Edwards-Helaire but Darrel Williams.

(3:08) So are we back on the Schultz train? He scored a touchdown for the Cowboys against the Panthers. They can go for two in a close game. The two point conversion is not good.

The Jets are behind the wheel and in the red zone thanks to a 54-yard reception by Keelan Cole.

(3:05) Kalif Raymond scored a touchdown on the Lions roster, who are two points behind the Bears.

(3:01) It hurts Ertz… oh wait. A flag. Again. No matter.

The Colts add another three points to their lead against the Dolphins.

INJURY UPDATE: Dalvin Cook appears to have made his ankle injury worse and is on the sidelines.

(2:56) Amari Cooper returned to the game after suffering from sore ribs from a touchdown from Dak Prescott.

(2:53) OH MY GOODNESS. Patterson has his third touchdown. Wow.

And Mahomes has just been intercepted.

(2:43) Big caught for 32 yards by Darnell Mooney then Damien Williams gets the TD after Montgomery already has two. Hey lead the Lions 21-0. Lions, what’s going on?

Carson Wentz found Big Mo Allie-Cox for a Colts TD. They lead the dolphins 14-3.

(2:41) Oh my God! DeAndre Carter with a 101-yard kick return for the Washington football team!

(2:38) Taysom Hill opens the second half with a touchdown for the Saints. He continues in the threat of the red zone with Jameis Winston as a starter.

(2:23) Patterson has scored again! Yeah. It’s official.

Jody Fortson with a Chiefs score. It becomes painful.

(2:14) Good, good, good – TE Juwan Johnson scored a touchdown for the Saints!

The Browns went for two…. And they got it after a penalty that brought them together. Either way, they’re on Vikings 8-7.

(2:11) The Browns enter the end zone with a one-yard run from Kareem Hunt.

(2:08) It’s Goedert again !!! Another touchdown for the tight end against the Chiefs. OK it does not matter. A penalty removes him from the board. Yuck. They must be satisfied with a field goal.

INJURY UPDATE: Eagles WR Quez Watkins looks a bit messed up after a 3rd down and a goal he missed.

(2:06) Oh my God, Sam Darnold is doing it again! Another rushed touchdown for Darnold!

Oh, and Cordarrelle Patterson just casually scored a 42-yard touchdown. He is legitimate now. No more questions. Start Patterson.

(1:54) WHAT ???? John Ross OBSERVATION !!!! He got a touchdown in the end zone, but the call might be in question, but hey, it’s fun! And the call stands! It’s crazy.

(1:52) Terry McLaurin gets a touchdown for Washington, but….

INJURY UPDATE: Logan Thomas has been ruled out following a hamstring injury.

(1:51) Oh guess what! Tyreek Hill is still good at football! He just scored a touchdown after a huge catch to bring them down.

(1:49) Blake Jarwin, the other tight for the Cowboys scored a touchdown, but Dalton Schultz may have scored the two-run conversion the game is under consideration for.

(1:47) Looks like Zach Wilson just threw an interception, which means good news for Tennessee DST.

(1:40) Uh oh, Dalton Schultz fumbled twice. The first time he was knocked out, but the second time HC Matt Rhule threw the challenge flag to say it was a fumble. So much for Schultz streaming.

(1:35) Montgomery has another touchdown for the Bears and the Lions are in the hole 14-0 against Chicago.

(1:30) TE Touchdown by Dawson Knox! One of the many TE streaming options this week ends with a score for the Bills.

Eagles RB Kenny Gainwell has an impact against the Chiefs’ porous defense, but it’s TE Dallas Goedert with the touchdown for Philadelphia.

(1:28) Sam Darnold ran one for the Panthers. It will be interesting to see how Carolina operates without Christian McCaffrey.

(1:22) Mahomes magic strikes again with softball pass to Clyde Edwards-Helaire – what was it!

Also a lot of turnovers.

(1:17) Ezekiel Elliott still lives! He finds the end zone for the Cowboys against the Panthers. Interestingly, Dak Prescott watched TE Dalton Schultz in the red zone, which is interesting if you need to stream the tight final position.

(1:11) Minnesota took Justin Jefferson’s touchdown off the board with an offensive penalty and the Texans turned it against the Bills.

Well the Vikings went back to Jefferson for a touchdown.

(1:08) It’s not the most exciting way to open the scoring, but the Eagles kicked off a field against the Chiefs, but David Montgomery rushed in for a touchdown for the Bears against the Lions. It’s funny.

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