Weather Blog: Another heat wave this week

Dangerously hot air is returning to central Indiana with more heat warnings and/or excessive heat warnings expected.

What a spectacular weather weekend in central Indiana with arguably one of the best in the country and some of our best times all year.

It was the perfect time for Father’s Day weekend and June 19th celebrations.

The Muggy Meter stays comfortable and very dry compared to the muggy heat we endured last week.

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Dew points in the 40s mean you can open the windows again tonight if you wish and bring refreshing air into the house with lows forecast in the 50s to start Monday morning.

On Monday, the sun is abundant, but afternoon temperatures are noticeably warmer, approaching 90 degrees and marking the start of our latest heat wave.

Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings are already in place across the central United States and we expect this to begin heading eastward as the hot dome expands…eventually reaching the center of the US. ‘Indiana as of Tuesday.

Air early in the week will be drier, allowing actual air temperatures to climb to the mid/upper 90s on Tuesday under the expanding hot dome over the Ohio Valley . Dew points reach the discomfort line (60°+) on Tuesday, but the heaviest day of the week currently appears to be Wednesday.

The combination of highs in the 90s and miserably heavy dew points in the 70s produces peak heat indices in the 100 to 105 degree range on Wednesday.

There is a risk of storms Wednesday along a weak border and in very humid air. But for now, we don’t expect much rain this week as we continue to build a rain deficit that is approaching 2″.

With mostly sunny days, little rain, and warm temperatures…you’ll want to water your plants with no relief in sight for the short-term drought.

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