VMware: VExpert Cloud Management March 2022 Blog Digest

Each month, we collect blogs from members of the vExpert Cloud Management Program and bring you a summary of all the latest community happenings. These blogs are written by industry professionals and often feature walkthroughs, highlights, and news for vRealize Operations, vRealize Network Insight, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Automation, VMware Horizon, Configuring vRealize Automation StaltStackand CloudHealth by VMware. the vExpert This title is awarded to people who dedicate their time outside of work to share their experiences and useful information about VMware products with the rest of the community. Below is a summary of blogs written by the community in March 2022.

Blogs Related to vRealize Network Insight

VMware vRealize Network Insight 6.5 Cloud by Piotr Masztafiak (@pmaszt) Poland

Transferring Applications Between vRealize Network Insight Instances by Martijn Smit (@smitmartijn) Netherlands

Upgrading vRNI (vRealize Network Insight) to 6.5.1 via vRSLCM by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_) United States

vRealize Operations Blogs

vROps: how many more VMs can fit in a cluster? by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) USA

Discover guest OS crashes with vRLI and send alerts to vROps! by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) USA

vRealize Operations Management Pack Builder Creating Your First Management Pack by Dean Lewis (@saintdle) Great Britain

Using RegEx to Create a Custom DNS Alert in vRealize Operations by Andreas Vedå (@Andyve) Norway

vRealize Operations and Telegram Alerts on your phone by Thomas Kopton (@ThomasKopton) Germany

Mass Notification Creator for vROps by Kabir Ali (@Kabir_Ali) Netherlands

Blogs related to SaltStack

Automatically deploy Salt Minions using VMware Tools by Steven Bright (@stevenbright) United States

VMware vRealize SaltStack Config Cheat Sheet for a Windows Server Administrator by Dale Hassinger (@dalehassinger) United States

Upgraded SSC (SaltStack Configuration) to 8.7 by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_) United States

Blogs related to vRealize Automation

Release of VMware vRealize Automation 8.7.0 by Allan Kjaer (@Allan_Kjaer) Denmark

What’s New in VMware vRealize Automation 8.7 by Randhir Chaubey (@randhirchaubey) India

VMware vRealize Automation 8.7 is now available by Steven Bright (@stevenbright) United States

VRA Agent down state in VRA 7.6, LDAPS certificate issue by Pradeep Adapa (@pradeepadapa) United States

VMware vRealize Automation 8 Form and Search Box by Allan Kjaer (@Allan_Kjaer) Denmark

vRA8 Custom Properties The Great Spring Cleaning by Paul Davey (@PAULDAVEY_79) Great Britain

Upgrading vRA (vRealize Automation) to 8.7 by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_) United States

Deploying and Renaming the vRA Workload by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) USA

How to deploy the VRA Cloud Extensibility Proxy Appliance using the Self-Service Catalog by Ankush (@ankush11s) India

vRealize Orchestrator Blogs

Delete failed vRO workflow runs by Rudi Martinsen (@RudiMartinsen) Norway

Blogs Related to vRealize Log Insight

vRLI and Cisco UCS Content Pack by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) USA

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Related Blogs

Upgrading vRSLCM (vRealize Lifecycle Manager) to 8.7 by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_) United States

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