VIDEO: Mapping for data journalists

If you’re using maps as a data journalist, it’s important to be aware of the editorial choices you make and how they can skew your reporting.

In this video — originally designed for students in MA in Data Journalism at Birmingham City University and shared as part of a series of video messages – I present to you critical cartographythe different types of cards you can choose to use to tell a story and the different types of stories they can tell.

I also give some examples of geography-based stories that could be told better with other graphics, and list some tools and tips that can be used to tell geographic stories.

Links mentioned in the video include Theo Kindynis’ research on critical cartography; and Stories behind a line. And there are two related videos that I refer to that are embedded below. First, a West Wing clip on cartography (more about it here):

And second, a Vox explainer on the electoral maps:

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