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The Bounties of Blackwood in-game event is now live, allowing you and your comrades to earn bonus rewards as you explore the Blackwood Chapter area. During this in-game event, in addition to the bonus rewards for area adventure, each time you earn the Blackwood Pathfinders achievement, you add to community progress on the Bounties of Blackwood counter, unlocking items from unique collection and free access to upcoming Deadlands DLC.

Once the event is over, all unlocked rewards (note: Deadlands is playable November 16) will be available for claim in the in-game Crown Store by owners of the Blackwood Chapter. Ready to explore Blackwood and earn these awesome rewards? Here are some quick tips on how to start unlocking the Blackwood Pathfinder achievement:

  • Check your achievements: You can check the progress of your achievements from the user interface of your Journal. Just go to your journal, then select Achievements, select Blackwood, and find the Pathfinder achievement under Exploration.
  • Work with #ESOFam: Many other players will also be looking for the various locations needed to unlock the Blackwood Pathfinder achievement. Contact us and see if they can help you find your way – some might even take you there.
  • Be ready for action: While the vivid locations of the Pathfinder achievement are beautiful screenshot-worthy locations, Blackwood is a dangerous part of Tamriel, so before you go, be sure to equip your best gear and consumables in case of problem.
  • Harvest and plunder everything: In addition to the goods that you can unlock by getting the Pathfinder achievement, there are also bonus rewards that you can earn by completing daily quests, looting monsters, or collecting Resource Nodes, so keep an eye out.
  • Earn success over other characters: The Blackwood Pathfinder achievement can be earned by each of your characters, so you can earn it multiple times to further advance the community.
  • Note that you can only participate in this in-game event and receive its rewards if you have access to The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood. PlayStation Store up to 50% off.

Discover the dead lands

The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands brings Gates of Oblivion’s massive year-long adventure to its cataclysmic conclusion, finally allowing you to fight Mehrunes Dagon himself and explore his unique realm of Oblivion. You can begin your journey to Oblivion right now by immersing yourself in the Deadlands Prologue questline, now available to all ESO players (no prior purchase required) for free in the in-game Crown Store. The Deadlands DLC arrives on the 16th. November on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Explore Blackwood and see its most breathtaking places and you will unlock bonuses and new rewards for all players in the Blackwood Chapter including The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands for free! This event is now live, so explore it, and we’ll meet again in Tamriel.

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