UK initiative aims to connect music venues to local people

Image Credit: The Guardian

Independent Venue Community aims to strengthen relationships between independent venues and the communities around them.

By providing daytime music programming, Independent Venue Community aims to make grassroots clubs more accessible and welcoming to their local neighbors and reach new audiences.

Underserved areas and those with low artistic engagement will benefit from the program. To achieve their mission, IVC wants to help premises connect young, old, deaf, disabled and neurodivergent, LGBTQIA+ and other groups in a respective club’s community.

Additionally, IVC aims to provide education on how the sites work behind the scenes as well.

IVC’s Soundcheck Sessions had a big influence on the program. Soundcheck Sessions allows young people 14 and older to access a venue before it opens before a live performance. Here attendees can learn how things work behind the scenes and chat with the crew, artists and industry experts before the gig.

IVC Founder, Sybil Bell, said: “From first-hand experience, with initiatives like the Warren Youth Project in Hull or our own Soundcheck Sessions and BEs, an activity like this can have results. that truly change people’s lives, especially those who don’t normally receive. access to such opportunities.

“Ultimately, we want to build a national network of engaged local communities and encourage more music venues to open their doors within the day. By doing this, I believe they can increase and diversify the number of people who come through their doors and unlock significant hidden value and talent.

When we arrived, we were one of the only women and people of color on the bill and in the crowd most of the time. It was an isolation and we were often confused or rejected because of the lack of education and experience of some people. Music is for everyone. People should have the same opportunities, regardless of origin, race or sexual orientation. Everyone should feel welcome and have a safe space to listen to music freely.

Amy Love and Georgia South of Nova Twins, IVC Ambassadors

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