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Elon Musk announced on Sunday Tweeter that Twitter will soon be rolling out a feature that will allow organizations to identify other Twitter accounts that are actually associated with them.

This likely means that organizations will be able to have accounts of employees and others associated with them marked as verified or, at the very least, authentic. For example, companies will be able to name the employees who represent them and the media will be able to designate their reporters to be marked as legitimate.

The move comes after the absolute fiasco that was Twitter’s launch of the new $7.99/month Twitter Blue subscription, which includes a blue “Verified” tick. As soon as the new verification subscription became available, accounts started misusing it to impersonate people and brands.

Twitter finally had to withdraw subscription shortly after launch. Musk said he would be relisted after Twitter took care of his impersonation issue.

The platform announced on Friday that it would begin rolling out “official” secondary labels, which were previously removed by Musk, to select accounts representing notable entities. Additionally, extending legitimacy labels to entire organizations or institutions could make it harder for bad actors to impersonate individuals associated with them.

As for what will count as an eligible “organization” and who can create one, Musk said he sees “no choice but Twitter to be the final arbiter.” However, Twitter’s new CEO added that he was “open to suggestions” on this.

Responding to a question about how Twitter will handle instances where someone associated with an organization separates from it, Musk said the platform will give organizations some control “to manage affiliations.”

In a follow-up tweet, Musk said that “increasing the granularity on what ‘verified’ actually means is the right move.”

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