Tumblr starts Tip Jar to allow blog-level tips


Content creators can earn from their supporters or subscribers, but it depends on the platform they use. Over the past few months, we’ve seen various platforms introduce tip jar features to help their creators profit from their content. Some of them include Twitter and ICT Tac. After that, Tumblr launched Post+, which aims to help users monetize their content through a subscription. Unfortunately, the idea was not received positively by Tumblr users. Now, the microblogging and social networking website has launched its own tip jar feature that will allow blog-level tipping for its iOS and web apps.

“We’re rolling out blog-level tips for iOS and web today,” the blogger said. Tumblr post bed. “It’s a win-win – if you’re a fan of someone’s blog and still love their content and designs, well, you can tell them how much you love their style. If you’re a creator , you can receive monetary appreciation from your peers via tips, well, just for being you.

The new feature introduced by Tumblr is specifically meant to help bloggers as it will now focus on collecting tips by blogging and not by post. For creators, this can be enabled in their profile or blog by subscribe to feature. After that, the creator blog view header will feature a tip button.

For supporters who would like to tip the blog, simply click on the Point button on their web browser and enter the amount they want to donate. Using the iOS app, on the other hand, just tap the Support button. It is also important to note that the feature offers tips the choice to make the tip known or anonymous. In the first case, the tipper can leave a note or message for the blog owner, while the second does not. Tumblr users can tip up to $100 into the pot.

To make things more user-friendly, Tumblr doesn’t receive any portion of the tip and doesn’t use Apple and Google’s internal billing systems on mobile tips, which can help creators keep 30% of their revenue. . However, it should be noted that standard credit card charges will still apply.

Tumblr, meanwhile, promised that the feature would be available to all users globally and on Android, without mentioning a specific date. “We are currently working on this feature for Android as well, and it will be launching soon,” the company said.

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