The Worth of Tom Brady –

The value of Tom Brady

July 6, 2022


There’s a split decision at World Headquarters, and it has nothing to do with the fridge full of Bromosa.

The first four games are ugly, says a Joe. Why? Because the Bucs are weaker on offense than last year (not to be confused with “weak”, but rather “weaker”). So this Joe would be happy if the Bucs are 2-2 after facing the Cowboys, slimy Saints, Packers and Chiefs to open the season.

The other Joe yells “BULLS(P)IT!” and doesn’t believe the opening schedule is that tough and anything less than a 3-1 record after the first four games is an outrage and totally unacceptable.

Adam Rank of asks, if the Bucs didn’t have Tom Brady, would the Bucs be 0-4 to open the season? That’s how many shares he puts in Brady’s value.

I mean, the Buccaneers can’t afford to lose to the Saints again, can they? Honestly, I can’t imagine Tampa winning any of the first four games of the season — against the Cowboys, Saints, Packers and Chiefs — if Brady wasn’t the quarterback.

This is an interesting point. If Brady had stayed retired, would the Bucs even win one of the first four games with Blaine Gabbert or Kyle Trask as the starting quarterback? Joe kinda bends, yeah, maybe a match. Disruptions are coming.

(Yes, Joe realizes the TV networks would have refused to give the Bucs four popular opponents to start the season without Brady on the team, especially Dallas on opening day.)

As the great Ira Kaufman said when Brady returned from retirement, the Bucs without Brady “were peering into the abyss.”

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