‘The ReidOut’ with Joy Reid is getting bigger. Presentation … The ReidOut blog!


Greetings, Reiders!

Welcome to the ReidOut Blog. This new virtual platform is the digital extension of “The ReidOut”, the nighttime show of political juggernaut Joy Reid on MSNBC. I am Ja’han, writer and creator of objects for the series.

Think of it as a blog, trade show, library, and festival.

Here you will find my commentary on daily news, including the ways in which politics and culture collide and coincide. You’ll also find exclusive web content that echoes and explains the conversations discussed on “The ReidOut”. I will also be very attentive to the evolution of voting rights, reproductive rights and other topics that are a priority for Joy and her supporters. Race and Racism, the Fallout and the Resumption of Covid-19 – Expect Anything.

Think of it as a blog, trade show, library, and festival. And think of me as part writer, part bartender, part librarian, part animator.

For your good, I’m here to share information I know, uncover and document information I don’t know, provide a platform for the voices that matter and, of course, spread the word. vibrations.

I am an eternal student and a substitute teacher, and there are many, many #Reiders who share this philosophy. The ReidOut blog will pay tribute to them by delivering discussions on the show and across the web in a thoughtful, exciting, new and interactive way.

Forward and up!

Visit the ReidOut blog to learn more.


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