The most entertaining and least distracting songs to drive on

A new search from PassMeFast, using Spotify data, reveals which songs to add and remove from your driving playlist.

The UK-based PassMeFast driving school lists the 50 most and least dangerous songs for driving. The list can help you decide what to listen to and what not to listen to while driving. Click to go directly to the the most entertaining and the least distracting Songs.

Outkastthe success of 2003 Hi you! was considered the most entertaining song to lead, along with other artists such as The killers, JAY Z, a-ha and Red hot peppers is also in the top five. For safer songs, Bad boy through Billie Eilish takes the top spot for the least distracting song, while artists like Noah Cyrus, Lewis capaldi, Bruno Mars and Justin bieber should also be good additions to your reading list.

So how did they determine which songs were and were not suitable for driving? PassMeFast analyzed the 20 most popular driving playlists, combining 4,185 songs, rating each track in three categories: energy score, dance score, and valence score (how emotionally charged they are). The most entertaining songs are those with high energy, emotional charge, and low dancing ability (due to their rhythm or irregular tempo). Here’s how PassMeFast got the score:

  • We calculated the energy score by taking the 50% of the most energetic songs as rated by Spotify and plotting their scores between 0 and 1.
  • We calculated the dance score using Spotify’s dance score minus 1. This means that high dancing songs were scored close to 0.
  • Finally, we assigned each song a valence score using the distance between 0.5 and Spotify’s own valence score. Songs with more emotion (whether positive or negative) receive a rating close to 1.

These data were then averaged together for an overall distraction score. Using the popularity score from the Spotify API, PassMeFast only looked at songs with 80+ popularity, so only the most popular songs are included. Find the 50 best full lists here. PassMeFast has also compiled the least distracting songs, with a score of 50% or less, into a Spotify playlist for your listening and driving pleasure. Head over to PassMeFast for more tips on safe driving during the winter months and intensive driving lessons.

The most entertaining driving songs

The songs with the highest energy levels, bad dancing, and too much emotion are:

The least distracting driving songs

The most serene and soothing songs to keep your eyes fixed on the road, with the right levels of energy, emotion and dance are:

Want entertaining or calming songs on Spotify? Click here to learn how to download for free on Spotify.

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