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When you want to increase awareness (and sales) of your small business, a well-nurtured digital footprint is crucial. The majority of customers search for businesses online, and 93% of people on Yelp compare business pages before making a final decision. Keeping your profile up to date and accurate will not only grab their attention, but provide them with all the information they need to choose you.

It starts with a solid foundation: Claim your free business page on Yelp, where 90% of Yelp users make a purchase within a week of visiting the site. Once you have started the setup process, bolster your profile with specific information, such as your website, hours, and categories; add photos with captions to display your best work; and turn on notifications to stay connected with potential customers.

Once you’ve got the basics down, a great Yelp page requires maintenance. Whether you’re updating your page daily, monthly, or quarterly, determining a schedule for crucial tasks, such as responding to reviews and adding vacation hours, can help you get the most out of Yelp. The exact time and frequency will depend on your business and industry, but you can use this checklist as a guide in deciding what and when to do.

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Keep an eye on your Yelp inbox

  • Read and respond to messages and requests in a timely manner, giving you the best chance of securing the sale
  • Activate e-mail or push notifications to be alerted as soon as you have a new message or a new request
  • If you receive multiple messages with questions on the same topic, you may want to consider updating parts of your Yelp page or website to proactively answer those questions.

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Respond to reviews

  • More 75% of consumers expect businesses to respond to reviews within a week, and 20% of consumers expect a response within the day
  • The best way to deal with reviews is by responding to the audience, including responding to positive reviews by thanking
  • If you also want to address something privately or in more detail, post a public reply and add that you will follow up directly, then send a direct message.
  • With negative reviews, if you respond with a personalized message within 24 hours, there’s a 33% greater chance that the reviewer will improve their review to a higher rating.

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Add recent photos and captions

  • Customers want to see the latest and greatest from your business
  • Show off your latest renovation, product or menu item
  • Always add captions so people know what they are watching; Plus, captions help you appear in more relevant search results on Yelp.

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Take a look at your Yelp metrics

  • It’s free to track customer activity on your Yelp page. Monitor page visits, details about your audience and leads (mobile records, routes and map views, mobile calls, clicks to your website, etc.)
  • You can also check your activity notifications and when they happened by clicking on the bell icon at the top right of your account on the desktop
  • For example: “A Yelp user viewed your business map 22 hours ago.”

Tip: If you aren’t seeing the results or reaching the customers you want (essentially if customers don’t find you as easily as you would have hoped), it may be worth considering Yelp ads, that can help you target the right customers in the right places.


Keep existing information up to date

  • Continue to make sure your basic business information is accurate and reflects your current operations
  • Adjust your next vacation hours and special hours; think about the days and months ahead when you might function differently, such as winter break or summer for July 4th

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Add new information or offers as your business grows

  • If you come up with new stuff, update your categories, service offerings, and specialties section to make sure you’re showing up in the right customer searches.
  • New service offerings are always published to help you communicate the goods and services you provide; check periodically to see what new features may have been added since the last time you logged in


Make seasonal updates

  • Add season-specific images and descriptions if your products or services change during the year
  • You can make these updates as often as needed for your type of business (and if you use Yelp Ads, you can also adjust your ad image and text to suit the season).
  • For example, if you run a business that does snow removal half the year and hot weather landscaping half the year, your page should reflect this.

Tip: Add content to your page, but only remove the content if it’s something you no longer offer.

Manage your registration offer

  • Consider adding a one-time check-in offer based on what you’re offering at that time of year, current events, or upcoming holidays / special occasions

To consider Yelp Ads Where Page Upgrades

  • Paying to improve and elevate your digital presence can help you attract more customers
  • Yelp page upgrades improve the appearance of your page, as well as the way your business appears in places like search results
  • Yelp Ads puts your business above search results and on your competitor’s pages. This means that customers are more likely to find you when they search for the services you offer.
  • Both products are simple and easy to set up, and you can even follow the process yourself through your Yelp for Business account; start, pause and cancel at any time of the year

If you’re already using Yelp ads, monitor and measure how it’s going and adjust accordingly to ensure you’re maximizing your paid presence throughout the year.

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