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CHICAGO, IL /ACCESSWIRE/May 2022/ Taylor Appelbaum is a Chicago-based attorney with over twenty years of experience in corporate patent law. In order to share his professional experiences with an online audience, Mr. Appelbaum is start a blog on Industry Minds, where he will post content on a wide range of topics.

In a recent article titled, “What Every Student Should Know Before Beginning Their Law Career,” Taylor Appelbaum takes the time to outline the educational requirements for those wishing to pursue a career in the legal industry.

“As a practicing lawyer, it is essential to stay up to date on the latest legal trends, developments and challenges in your area of ​​practice. One of the best ways to do this is to familiarize yourself with your local bar association. This professional organization will provide you with countless resources and opportunities for professional development. Whether you need access to a top-notch journal or resources for preparing for a trial, your bar association’s membership benefits and standards services are a powerful resource for any practicing attorney.

It also encourages students to take advantage of networking opportunities and build lasting relationships with other lawyers.. “I’m really looking forward to posting regular content as it relates to my industry,” says Appelbaum. “As a career-focused individual, I feel I can provide sound advice to those looking to succeed in the industry. Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to check out my official page.

About Taylor Appelbaum

Taylor Appelbaum is a very successful attorney based in Chicago, Illinois. With over twenty years of experience in the legal landscape, Mr. Appelbaum specializes in corporate patent law and helps companies protect their intellectual property rights. As someone committed to providing superior service, Mr. Appelbaum and his team of industry-leading professionals work hard to achieve optimal results.

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