Talk about how to manage travel in North Highline and other unincorporated urban areas

SATURDAY: Talk about managing travel in North Highline and other unincorporated urban areas

How can our community grow and change without leaving people behind? This is the subject of a discussion to which you are invited on Saturday. Here is the invite:

The King County Community and Social Services Department, Local Services Department, and community leaders from Skyway-West Hill and North Highline are hosting a virtual community meeting on Saturday, June 11, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, to discuss next stages of the Skyway-West Hill and North Highline anti-displacement strategies report. This report analyzed potential anti-displacement strategies for the Skyway-West Hill and North Highline communities and, after an extensive community process, recommended ten actions. Registration will close June 10 at noon, after which anyone interested in joining the meeting should email: [email protected] for access information. Click here to register and join us for this meeting.

At this meeting, participants will be invited to review a proposal for implementation details for the Community Preference Scheme. This is one of the short-term actions identified in the report. The Community Preference Program will prioritize applicants with a connection to Skyway-West Hill or North Highline for some of the units in new affordable housing developments in these neighborhoods funded by King County. We will be waiting for feedback on:

-the criteria for determining who is eligible for preference,
-what documents will be needed to demonstrate a connection to the community, and
-how to reach members of the community who are interested in new opportunities to rent and buy affordable housing.

In addition, the team will present proposed measures to monitor the implementation of the ten anti-displacement strategies recommended in the report. Click here to register and join us for this meeting.

To familiarize yourself with the content before our meeting, see the summary of the Skyway-West Hill & North Highline anti-displacement report.

We hope you will join us for this important meeting and share this opportunity with others who live and work in Skyway-West Hill and North Highline!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Alice Morgan-Watson, Community Engagement Planner and Analyst, at [email protected].

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