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The weather in central and northern Alabama is not improving much from what it will be this week. Sunny and pleasant days and clear, cool nights will be with us until the middle of the week. Let’s dig into the details.

FOR YOUTH SUNDAY: We start this morning in the 1940s in much of northern and central Alabama. A few of the normally cooler places are in your 30s. The sky was clear overnight and will be clear all day today as well. With lots of blue skies, temperatures will warm up in the 68-72F range. Much tonight will be in the 1940s overall, with some upper 30s over northeast Alabama.

ON THE WEATHER MAPS: The strong trough that has provided cooler, drier air to Alabama over the past 24 hours is tilting negatively towards our east. But across Alabama and the westerly points, a large high pressure area is supporting. This high will be our main weather factor until the end of the week.

MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY: The high pressure will result in significant sunshine throughout the period, with excellent radiant cooling allowing for refreshing nights. The highs will be in the 70s. The lows will be in the 40s Tuesday morning, with 50 Wednesday. The peaks will be in the 70s.

WEEKEND FRONT: A cold front will approach Thursday and Friday, and there should be sufficient moisture return for the reintroduction of rain chances. Precipitation and cover do not appear to be abundant or extensive. Stay tuned for the fine tuning of the forecast.

WEEKEND PREVIEW: More dry, cool air will return by Saturday. Saturday and Sunday should be really nice days, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s and 50s again.

VAUDOU TERRITORY: Halloween awaits the end of the forecast period. The GFS depicts a situation similar to that of the weekend, with a cold front coming through the area. This signals clear skies and highs in the 60s and 70s, with lows in the 40s. Perfect weather for laps or treats, which I guess will be mostly Saturday night 30.

BY TONY RICE: The WeatherBrains astronomer is warning us that the orionid meteor shower will peak this Wednesday evening through Thursday morning. Hope the clouds don’t interfere. The full moon will certainly not help matters. Still, lucky skywatchers in rural areas could be treated to 10-15 meteors.

WEATHERBRAINS: This week’s show will include a visit with author and motivational speaker Dick Brundage. Dick helps organizations communicate dangerous weather information. You know the exercise:, James’s YouTube channel, or wherever you consume your podcasts.

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