Success of the Nux editorial team

January 10, 2022

(press release) – The NuxGame blog has garnered unprecedented attention from readers. Initially designed as an information hub primarily for the brand’s customers, the NuxGame blog has quickly grown into one of the most visible new information portals to a wider audience.

According to the NuxGame editorial team, “The blog was designed primarily for our customers, and we didn’t expect such interest. Even though the blog was launched only 5 months ago, it quickly reached the top 10 of the site’s most visited pages.

The NuxGame Blog was launched in August 2021 as a clearinghouse that provides iGaming news, industry information, vendor and gaming information, potential iGaming jurisdictions, casino or betting operations. sportsmen, etc. Additionally, the NuxGame Blog has a section informing customers about the latest NuxGame solutions, products and services as well as the latest system updates and all new features.

The NuxGame blog offers five basic categories:

Guides – essential information to consider starting an iGaming project from scratch. Best practices and examples for aspiring iGaming entrepreneurs.

Industry Insights – the most important and relevant game news from around the world, gathered in one place.

Legal Hub – a useful section containing legal information from industry experts and informing about important changes in iGaming laws.

Providers – the best news about iGaming providers, new content, new big names in the market and technological innovations.

Platform Updates – news about products, services, technologies, innovations and ideas that are incorporated into NuxGame software solutions.

“The sudden success made us reconsider our content strategy and pay more attention to the blog from now on. It is true that we have set the bar high for the quality of our content, but now we are planning to raise it even higher. In 2022, we plan to redouble our efforts and bring more practical content to our customers and to the iGaming business as a whole ”- as stated by the NuxGame editorial team.

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