Snapchat launches ‘dual camera’ feature for iPhones [VIDEO] • iPhone Blog in Canada

Snapchat has officially launched a new “Dual Camera” feature that allows users to record videos and capture photos using their phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously.

The feature was first unveiled at Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc.’s Partner Summit in April. Snap originally intended the dual-camera feature to be part of “director mode,” a set of new, more advanced features for creators and professionals.

Director Mode still hasn’t made it into the app, and it looks like the social media giant has decided to release Dual Camera as a standalone feature for Snapchat’s built-in camera in the meantime.

Dual Camera is now available on iOS for iPhone XS/XR and later. Snapchat users on Android, unfortunately, won’t get the feature for several months, Snap said.

The Dual Camera feature is Snapchat’s answer to the BeReal selfie app, which has gained notoriety in recent months. That said, Snapchat’s implementation of simultaneous dual-camera recording is a bit more versatile than BeReal’s, which is more selfie-focused.

The dual camera allows Snapchat users to record with both cameras at once, and they can even change the layout of the two clips. Options include a split-screen version, which gives each camera half the screen; a picture-in-picture style; and a cutout mode that resembles TikTok’s green screen.

The feature also supports Snapchat’s augmented reality lenses, but they can currently only be applied after capture. According to Snap, the ability to apply lenses while recording will follow in the coming months.

Instagram is reportedly developing its own dual-camera recording feature and competitor BeReal, called Candid Challenges, which is currently an “internal prototype”.

“We strive to design for our community and what makes sense to them. We know Snapchatters love to express themselves creatively, connect with their closest friends, and live in the moment, and Dual Camera lets them do just that — from multiple angles,” a Snapchat spokesperson said in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

Snapchat recently introduced customizable app icons, new Bitmoji backgrounds, and more for Snapchat+ subscribers. The app also rolled out new parenting features earlier this month.

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