Seven Ways To Make Money Using Your Website Or Blog Content


The creation of content and the power of the Internet has completely changed the way bloggers, brands and businesses communicate with their audiences. With over a billion active websites now online, there is more overloaded content than ever before in the online search and social web space. While most of these sites create content to provide value to their audience, many of them also generate income in the process.

With over 20 years of experience in the world of online branding and affiliate marketing, I have had the opportunity to test many different monetization methods and see which one works best. Today we’ll take a look at seven of the best ways to monetize your site’s content while delivering audience value in the process.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and effective ways to make money with a website or blog. The operation of affiliate marketing is quite simple. For every lead, sale, or action you send to a specific website (with an affiliate program), you’ll earn a commission. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it allows you to connect with some of the biggest brands in the world today, without having to hold inventory or process direct orders.

Google adsense

Google currently has millions of advertisers who pay per click to appear in search results. Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows site owners to display these advertisers directly on their own site. Google AdSense pays a commission on a pay-per-click basis for each click on a banner ad. Depending on the niche of your blog, some ads appearing on your site could earn up to $ 1 or more per click. Google AdSense works great because Google can review your website content and serve ads that are relevant to what your audience is looking for.

Native advertising

How many times have you been to a popular news or media website, scrolled down the page, and then seen a bunch of content recommendations to click or read? This is native advertising at its best. Content networks such as Revcontent, Outbrain, and Taboola are fueling this type of content marketing and internet advertising today. With billions of impressions delivered daily, native advertising remains one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to websites and blogs while making money. Much like Google AdSense, native advertising pays most site owners per click.

Sale of advertising space

In addition to any of the sponsorship-based marketing methods above, you still have the option of selling direct advertising yourself. The advantage of direct advertising is that you will earn 100 percent of the income generated by your site. However, you will need to find advertisers willing to pay to advertise with you. Look at the websites of your competitors in the industry and see if any advertisers are currently on their sites. You can then contact those advertisers and see if they want to be placed on your site as well.

Create an online course

If you currently have specific expertise or a website that aims to teach people how to do something, setting up an online course may be a great option for you. In the world of blogging and online marketing, this is something we see quite often. As more and more people try to build their own websites and discover new ways to make money online, there are many courses available to help people understand these tasks. At the same time, there are also many marketplaces for online courses and software solutions to facilitate the process of creating a course.

Sell ​​your own products or services

Many people will start blogging as a side hobby or to try and document their progress in making money online. This usually leads to success, sometimes even with the blogger becoming an authority within their space. When this happens, it opens up a lot of opportunities in the field of consulting and creating products to sell. Again, with any of these options, you earn 100 percent of the income. If done correctly, there are many ways to create and grow a product with more than six figures in sales per year.

Sell ​​your website or blog for multiple income

With so many different ways to create content and then monetize it, it would make sense for site owners to create a site and repeat the process. However, there is also another way to make money with this formula – to actually sell any established and profitable sites you might already have. The advantage here is that you can sell an existing website for several multiples of what it is currently earning on a monthly basis. You can do this through online marketplaces and auctions. Some websites sell for up to 20 times the monthly income. That said, it often depends on the monetization methods used and what kind of website it is.

Make Money With A Website Or Blog In 2018

As you can see, there are many ways to make money with your website content. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which option you choose, as these are all effective ways to monetize your content while providing value to your audience. Without this value in place, audiences will simply visit your website and then instantly leave. These are the same blogging rules that will apply in 2018 and beyond.

Always make sure that any type of monetization on your website is relevant to the content you are providing. When that can turn into a call to action, the results will be even better.

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