Selling Sunset Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

Selling Sunset seasons are selling like hotcakes!

The Season 5 premiere of Selling Sunset just aired on April 22nd and excitement for the season is at an all time high. The reality show has unexpectedly become a huge hit with the audience with its attractive and radiant features.

The cast quickly became people’s favorites and audiences loved the reality show’s take on the real estate industry. There’s just something about luxury homes and buildings that are unaffordable, but people still like to look at them.

With the release of Season 5, fans are already wondering what will be next, and will there be more seasons of the show, and will the cast see any change in the upcoming seasons. Here’s everything we know so far:

What is the Sunset Sale?

Selling Sunset is a reality show that showcases the Los Angeles real estate market. The show mainly revolves around the Oppenheim Group of Los Angeles, which happens to be a high-end real estate company and the cast of the show is that company’s group of agents.

The show follows the day-to-day endeavors of the agents’ personal and professional lives. The show is currently in its fifth season, and the final episode of the season is set for release on May 6, 2022, titled “The Reunion.”

The show was a point of controversy as some believed the whole show was not real. An LA real estate agent once told the Mail: “The Oppenheim brothers are the real deal, but none of us have ever met the women who work for them. Clearly these ‘girls’, as they call them on the show, were hired to sizzle series.

Will there be a season 6?

As of now, Netflix has yet to confirm if there will be more seasons of Selling Sunset, but a US Weekly report in January confirmed that the show has been renewed for seasons 6 and 7. So grab Toss it with a pinch of salt until things get official.


At the end of Season 5, we saw several agents on the show intending to leave the company. At least two cast members can be expected to leave the group including Maya Vander and Christine Quinn.

Other than that, we can expect most of the cast to be back for more, including newcomer Chelsea Lazkani, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae El Moussa, Amanza Smith, Davina Potratz, Emma Hernan, and Vanessa Villela.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Release Date

So far, we have noticed that Seasons 2 & 3 and Seasons 4 & 5 were filmed consecutively with more than a year gap between them. If we speculate from this, we can expect seasons 6 and 7 to be filmed simultaneously, however, we shouldn’t expect a first look at the upcoming season until summer 2023.

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