San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers Live Blog

SANTA CLARA – This is the live blog from the 49ers preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. I will update it frequently with information and analysis from the press gallery.

2:52 Pre-season games are hard to cover and assess, because they’re not really games — they’re exhibitions. Teams don’t have a game plan to tackle each other’s weaknesses. Coaches don’t call the play to gain yards or score points. Winning and losing doesn’t matter.

The purpose of pre-season is to assess individual players. Each team will call certain plays featuring specific players just to assess that player’s performance.

If this was a real game, the 49ers would feature as much of their best players on offense as possible – George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Kyle Juszczyk and Elijah Mitchell. But the 49ers already know how good these players are. There’s nothing more to learn about them in a pre-season game.

So instead of introducing these players tonight, we might see the 49ers introduce guys they need to know more about. Guys like Trey Sermon, a running back who was a third-round pick who barely played last season as a rookie. Or Ray-Ray McCloud, a wide receiver they signed this offseason who caught just five passes from Trey Lance in training camp. Or Danny Gray, a third-round rookie pick who could play a role in the offense right away as a designated deep threat. Or Ty Davis-Price, an explosive running back who could take runs from Deebo Samuel. You get the picture.

5:15 The following 49ers are inactive: Brandon Aiyuk, Azeez Al-Shaair, Arik Arstead, Nick Bosa, Samson Ebukam, Jimmy Garoppolo, Dr. Greenlaw, Kyle Juszczyk, George Kittle, Elijah Mitchell, Jaylon Moore, Emmanuel Moseley, Charles Omenihu, Hassan Ridgeway, Deebo Samuel, Charvarius Ward, Jimmie Ward, Fred Warner, Trent Williams and Jeff Wilson Jr. That means all good starters start and Trey Lance has to play. Strange way to prepare the child for success.

5:33 The Packers will receive the opening kickoff.


5:38 At the Packers 17’s 3rd and 4th, Jordan Love throws deep to Josiah Degurah, but he’s well covered by Tarvarius Moore, and the pass is incomplete. The Packers punt.

5:43 On Packers 32’s 3rd and 9th, Lance throws to Danny Gray who opens a way out, but the pass takes Gray out of bounds, and it’s incomplete. Robbie Gould makes a 50-yard field goal to give the 49ers an early lead. Trey Sermon ran 4 times for only 9 meters on this run.

49ers 3, Packers 0.

5:52 On 4th-and-3 of the 49ers 34, Tarvarius Moore yields a long touchdown hold to Romeo Doubs. Moore got burned. He looked like he was stuck in the mud when he tried to turn and run. He clearly hasn’t regained the athleticism he had before he tore his Achilles tendon. That’s a shame.

49ers 3, Packers 7.

5:59 On the 3rd and 9th, Lance throws a perfect deep pass to Danny Gray who catches it and runs for a 76-yard touchdown. It looked easy.

49ers 10, Packers 7.

6:09 On the 1st and the goal of the 14th, linebacker Marcelino McCray-Ball intercepts an angled pass and sends it back to the Packers. What a game from the undrafted rookie.


6:10 Nate Sudfeld has just replaced Lance at quarterback.

6:12 First play from the drive, Sudfeld hits a wide open Ray Ray McCloud into the end zone for a touchdown.

49ers 17, Packers 7.

6:27 At the 3rd and goal of the 49ers 45, Samuel Womack intercepts Jordan Love. Phenomenal choice when covering the man.

6:30 The 3rd-and-6 of the 49ers 45, Nate Sudfeld throws an errant pass intended for Danny Gray, and the 49ers go 3-and-out. The Packers take over at their 20 after the punt.

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6:40 On the 3rd and 8 of the 49ers 45, Womack intercepts another pass and sends it back to the Packers 16. What a performance! He takes the starting nickel job.

6:42 On the 3-and-3 of the 9, right tackle Justin Skule is pushed into the backfield and Trey Sermon is tackled for a loss of 3 yards. Then Robbie Gould makes a field goal from 30 yards.

49ers 20, Packers 7.

6:44 Drake Jackson has a shoulder injury and is questionable to return.

6:56 On 3rd-and-4 of the 49ers 33, Ka’Dar Hollman yields a touchdown hold to Danny Davis.

49ers 20, Packers 14.

6:58 The kickoff hits JaMycal Hasty in the knee and goes out of bounds at the 49ers 5-yard line.

7:05 At the 1st and 10 of the Packers 48, Ray-Ray McCloud catches a pass in the middle, but fumbles after taking a hit. Green Bay recovers. McCloud had fumbling issues in Pittsburgh.


7:23 The 49ers start from their 38. Sudfeld is still the quarterback.

7:27 On the 3rd and 6th, Sudfeld completes a 2-yard pass to KeeSean Johnson. Checking third down should be illegal in pre-season games.

7:28 Drake Jackson has a shoulder injury and will not return.

7:38 Packers 17 3-and-2 Alex Barrett gives up a catch on the sideline to running back BJ Baylor, then George Odum misses a tackle and Baylor runs for 68 yards. A few plays later, the Packers miss a 32-yard field goal.

49ers 20, Packers 14.

7:45 The 49ers 3-and-2 49, Austin Mack drops a pass, then the 49ers punt. JaMycal Hasty had a 12-yard rush on that drive, and Ty Davis-Price had a 10-yard rush. So far, Hasty has been the 49ers’ best running back. Davis-Price has just 18 yards on 7 carries.

7:50 The Packers screen pass at 3rd and 13th, and George Odum makes the tackle after a 7 win, which forces a punt. The 49ers take over when they turn 34.

7:55 On the 3rd and 17th, Sudfeld tries to get by but gets kicked out by his yaw. It has the mobility of a refrigerator.

8:02 The 2nd-and-9 of the 49ers 22, Amari Rodgers catches a pass into the flat, misses both Dontae Johnson and Tayler Hawkins, then scores.

49ers 20, Packers 21.

8:06 Brock Purdy is the quarterback for the 49ers.

8:14 On the 3rd and goal of the 5, Brock Purdy rushes to his right and hits Tanner Hudson for a touchdown. Nice improvisation from Purdy. Then the 49ers go for 2, and Purdy hits KeeSean Johnson in the left back corner of the end zone. Nice sequence.

49ers 28, Packers 21.

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