RouteNote vs Level – Comparison of music distribution platforms


Level competes with RouteNote’s music distribution, but without a free tier, artists have to pay to upload their releases to stores.

Level is the music distribution platform backed by leading record label Warner Music Group. They advertise features for independent artists such as global or regional distribution, Custom ISRC, custom release dates, custom label names, song credits, analytics, sales data, and payment via PayPal or bank transfer. RouteNote offers all of these features and more to all artists.

Level distributes in stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon Music, Pandora, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster and Anghami, all and many more such as YouTube Content ID and SoundCloud which we distribute for free.

Level offers a few campaign tools like smart post pages and pre-registration links. These two features and many more are offered free of charge through our partner

Level’s Artist Support team is looking for content for its editorial program, which promotes content on social media, blog, and playlists. RouteNote’s All Access level is designed for professional labels looking for account management, priority support and pitch assistance. Our moderation team is always on the lookout for the next great artist. Those interested in RouteNote All Access should use our contact form.

After removing their free plan, Level only offers one level for all artists. For $ 20 per year, artists can download up to five main artists while retaining 100% of the royalties. Without a free plan, Level restricts new artists looking to start their online careers without a budget. With only five artists, Level is not suitable for labels.

RouteNote is an independent music distributor, free from any major label. We are proud to offer the same features and stores as above and many more for all artists.

We have two pricing options. Our free tier is completely free, while the artist keeps 85% of the income. RouteNote’s Premium Plan costs a small fee, plus $ 9.99 per year, while Artist keeps 100%. Our little artists and labels love our free offering, with unlimited downloads of songs and artists. Once artists have built an online audience, they are one click away from Premium Distribution.

Visit RouteNote today to start distributing your versions online for free.

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