Preston’s Nightclub Video ‘Gurning Rave Guy’ Action Figure Exists


The Gurner Raver Raindance Edition Pic: Joe Shark Sandwich Toys

The ‘gurning rave guy’ has been transformed into an action figure to honor an iconic night out in Preston that burst onto the internet eight years ago.


In 2014, the video “Bounce by the ounce” was released to promote a new night out at the former Church Street nightclub – Rumes.

Soon after, the legendary Shaun Jackson became the talk of the town and an endless meme for his sizzling energy on the dance floor.

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Photo immortalized by Shaun Jackson: Joe Shark Sandwich Toys
Shaun Jackson Hasn’t Captured a Thumbnail Photo: Joe Shark Sandwich Toys

Joe Shark Sandwich Toys collaborated with Shaun to create a plastic toy that truly mastered how he felt that night – which he had a blast with.

On Friday, December 2, the toy company will debut the action figure at the Raindance and Just-In Time Winter series rave in Norwich.

Shaun will also bring his remarkable energy to the party, tickets for the event can be purchased at Effickets.

The figurine retails for £40 and can be purchased on Joe Shark Sandwich Toys Facebook page.

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Would you like to get someone ‘The Gurner Raver Raindance Edition’? Let us know in the comments below.

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