Preston’s band release greatest hits album with absolutely nothing on it


Best of Evil Blizzard

A band from Preston released a greatest hits album with absolutely nothing on it.


Cult one-of-a-kind band Evil Blizzard released The Very Best Of Evil Blizzard on limited-edition vinyl on Friday, September 15.

The record sold out overnight, raising much needed funds for food bank charity The Trussell Trust.

Evil Blizzard
Evil Blizzard released an album of absolutely nothing

The idea for the record – which was released on a label run by band member Filthydirty and his brother – was born “after about 12 pints”.

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Filthydirty said: “As appropriate, the album contains absolutely nothing. No sound at all. It comes with a badge that reads ‘I’ve got more money than sense’.

“It seemed like a fantastically funny idea at the last orders.

“Special mention to those who paid for a download of eight pieces of silence. Great.”

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