Preston Scouts travels to South Korea for the World Scout Jamboree

William, Lydia, Emily and Abby

Scouts from around the world will gather next year for the Scout jamboree and four Preston Scouts will be there.


The group aged 14 to 16 will join 3,234 other young people from the UK in South Korea where there will be another 50,000.

Every four years, the World Scout Jamboree, which is a festival based on skills, culture and adventure, takes place.

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The next one will be in SaeManGeum, South Korea in August 2023.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be the first time that so many young people from different parts of the world will come together.

The event offers young people the chance to learn a range of new skills which they can then take home and use in other aspects of their lives.

Participation in the World Scout Jamboree will be the culmination of 18 months of work for the young people and their volunteer leaders, who together form Unit 55.

Unit 55 is made up of 36 young people and four leaders from across West Lancashire Scouts, the unit then forms part of the British contingent.

In anticipation of the upcoming “ROARRRsome”, the British contingent adopted a Siberian tiger logo called “Chingu”, which means “friend” in Korean and is Korea’s national animal.

The theme is Think Big, Dream Wild and Act Together. The Korean hosts challenged participants to “Draw Your Dream” and as part of their Jamboree trip, they will have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and participate in activities focusing on the environment, the development of skills and global development. issues.

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By July 2023, the four youngsters will take part in training camps and team building events organized by West Lancashire Scouts, to prepare them for life in the hot and humid site of South Korea.

Abbey (15) from Mungo Park ESU said: “I look forward to meeting new people from all over the world and making lasting memories. I also hope to take away a better understanding of South Korean cultures and Scouting traditions from other countries around the world.

Emily (14) from Sea Dogs ESU said: “I’m excited to meet as many new and different people as possible. There are many different cultures at the World Scout Jamboree and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to explore them!

William (16) from Mungo Park ESU said: “For me, I’m looking forward to discovering a new country and a new culture. And I hope to have a fantastic and fun time with all the Scouts around the world.

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Lydia (14) from Sea Dogs ESU said, “I can’t wait to meet so many new people and make lifelong friends. I also hope to learn more about all the different types of Scouting around the world.

World Scout Jamborees only take place every four years and attract over 10,000 Scouts from around the world. The young people who attend them discover different cultures, languages ​​and cuisines while acquiring new skills.

After two very difficult years for everyone, including the scouts, it is extremely important that these young people have this opportunity again. The 2023 Jamboree is organized by the Korea Scout Association and is expected to be one of the most exciting and important to date!

To learn more about the Jamboree, visit their website

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