Preston New Years weather overview

One of Tony’s many amazing photos of Preston

It was thought that New Years in Preston was going to be greeted with rain and flooding.


However, since the flood alert was lifted, we thought we could provide some insight into what the holiday weekend in Preston would look like.

New Years Eve tonight appears to be still cloudy, but dry. It will be quite chilly, so be sure to bring a coat for any celebrations you attend!

New Years Day will continue to be cloudy, but by lunchtime on the first day of 2022 it will be sunny.

It will also be unusually mild for most of the day.

There will be a slight change in weather next Sunday. The weather will remain cloudy with heavy showers in the afternoon and into the evening.

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Holiday Mondays will be sunny but will continue the beginning of the year cloudy. There is a risk of light rain in the afternoon.

Tuesday will be sunny and clear, but with a potential drop in temperatures.

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