Preston Masons donate over 400 items to the Intact Center Pantry


Ian and Ian with donations from Preston Guild Lodge

A group of Preston masons donated over 400 items to the Intact Center pantry.


Masons at Preston Guild Lodge recently celebrated the group’s centenary with a special meeting where they raised money for charity.

Preston Guild Lodge spokesman David Parker said: ‘One of the lodge’s mantras is ‘always be considerate of the needs of others’.

“With that firmly in mind, we have decided to dedicate the fundraising to Whitby’s Pantry so that they can help others in need.”

Over £400 was raised at the meeting, with the money used to purchase over 400 essential grocery items based on a shopping list provided by the Intact Centre.

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David continued: “The team at Aldi Fulwood Central helped us get the order ready and ready for collection.

“Two SUVs were needed to collect the order, which was immediately delivered to the Intact center for use at Whitby’s Pantry.”

Tim Ian and John with two car trunks full of donations from Preston Guild Lodge
Two SUVs were needed to deliver the donations

Ian Wright of Intact welcomed the Masons to Whitby’s Pantry.

Ian said: “With such a large supply, we will be able to support so many people. This will also free up resources for the Centre.

Preston Guild Lodge centenary master Ian Greenwood told Intact volunteers that the lodge was honored to support such a worthy and valuable cause in Preston.

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