Preston Guilders seek former members for reunion

Preston Guild 5k

To mark the halfway point of the next Preston Guild in 2032, the 2012 Guilders are asked to mark the occasion in some way.


Some guild volunteers have met over the past 10 years, but the group wants others to join.

Anyone who was a Guilder is welcome to get in touch with Tass Cotton to express their interest.

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Tess said: “We would like as many Guilders to join us, but unfortunately we don’t have access to contact details for everyone involved.

“We have been in contact with Richard Baxter and the people who run the MET (mobile event tent) near the market.

“Richard hinted that he might be able to help us out once we know how many there are and what we need. So far a picnic similar to the ones we’ve held at the temporary marches in Harris in 2013.

“However, sometimes these things can grow a bit, so ideas will be welcome. Initially meeting in the Flag Market would be an option, but being able to take shelter in the rain will have to factor into any plans we make.

If you were a Guilder and would like to join, please contact me here on Facebook or email [email protected]

If you are in contact with people who are not on the internet, please let them know and maybe help them get in touch.

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