Preston City Council’s council tax refund tweet draws scathing responses

Photo of Preston Town Hall: Tony Worrall

A tweet from Preston City Council about the council’s energy tax refund prompted a series of scathing responses.


Friday’s post (May 6) included an image with a quote from acting director of customer services Adrian Robinson.

He said: “We are working as quickly as possible with the resources available to us, to identify eligible beneficiaries and award reimbursement of the £150 council tax for household energy costs. We have a duty to ensure that the allocation of these public funds is accurate and paid to the right people. This commitment includes following government guidelines to reduce the risk of fraudulent claims by verifying bank account details before administering payment.

“For those who have already paid installments on their 2022/23 council tax bill by direct debit, we aim to make payments as soon as possible.

“Once direct debit cases have been paid for in the coming weeks, we will write to other eligible households with details of an alternative method of receiving reimbursement.”

In response, Gordon Jackson tweeted: “The way Councils have gone about this is just pathetic. A rise in housing tax? Out of your bank immediately!

Elizabeth Cann added: “Terrible, they can’t fix such a simple thing. They wouldn’t allow you to be late to pay them.

Dave Walmsley asked, “Can I suspend my monthly payments until you settle your debt to me?”

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