Preston City Council collects recycling bins differently


Some members of the litter team are hiking up to 15 miles a day Pic: @prestoncouncil

Preston City Council is conducting a trial on collecting bins differently across Preston, except in rural areas.


The two-week recycling collection trial began on Monday, November 7.

The council will collect the red and yellow lidded bins for recycling in different vehicles, at different times during the normal collection day.

Residents are asked to wait until after 4 p.m. to report a forgotten garbage can.

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A spokesperson for Preston City Council said: “The recycling collection trial is taking place in Preston, except in rural areas, and as a result some members of the waste team are driving up to 15 miles a day.

“As many residents are now recycling more items, the focus of the collection operation is shifting towards efficiency.

“If made permanent, this change in arrangement and the move away from two-sided vehicles will save ratepayers money in the longer term and enable continued growth of the service in the future.”

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