Preston Bus to introduce Tap & Go payment system

Preston Bus at Preston Bus Station

Tap & Go is introduced on Preston buses to make the use of public transport more efficient.


The new system will make paying for a bus ticket faster and easier for everyone.

People using the bus will only have to type with their contactless card at the start of their journey, then to type once they arrive at their destination.

There will be no need to say where you are going, which means people are free to get off the bus at any time and will only be charged for the distance they have traveled.

Any journey made will be debited from the credit card at the end of the day and the cost is capped at the price of a Preston Bus Day ticket. Childrens tickets will still need to be purchased from the driver or on the Preston Bus app.

How Tap & Go works:

  • When you board the bus, place your card / payment device on the card reader of the cash dispenser at the front of the bus.
  • The machine will beep to inform you that the card has been accepted (if your card is rejected for any reason, a beep will sound)
  • No ticket will be issued, you just have to go and take your seat.
  • When you exit the bus, don’t forget to Tap Off on the player next to the door. The Tap Off reader screen will say “Card Accepted” and the drivers’ ETM will beep to let them know you’ve typed.
  • Do this every time you travel with us and we’ll calculate the correct fare for the trips you’ve taken.
  • Never forget to Tap Off, when you leave the bus, as the system uses your Tap On & Tap Off to calculate the correct fare. If you do not tap off a service, you will be charged the full itinerary fare, regardless of your drop-off point.
  • Remember to always Tap on and Tap off with the same payment card / device to make sure you are billed correctly. If you use a different card / payment device, you will be charged more.

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