Penwortham schoolchildren receive 100 young Christmas trees

Kingsfold Primary School. Photo: Google

National Grid donated 12 mature trees and over 100 young Christmas trees to a school in Penwortham to mark the end of power line work in the area.


Kingsfold Primary School received the trees, while the students took the seedlings home.

The move was part of an initiative marking the end of the last phase of overhead power line renovations.

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National Grid has donated nearly 400 trees to local schools, conservation organizations, a golf course and a hospice.

Principal Kellie Tierney said, “The kids loved being able to take their own Christmas tree home, and it certainly added to the levels of excitement for the holiday season at school.

“The trees will be a real heirloom, and the children said they couldn’t wait to see their own Christmas trees grow for years to come. “

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The final phase of work on the 191 pylons of the 60 km power line connecting Penwortham and Daines substations is scheduled for 2023.

Martin Bretherton, Project Manager for National Grid, said: “The idea behind Christmas tree seedlings is for each child to decide with their family where to plant it and then watch it grow.

“For the larger trees, our main contractor, Babcock, worked with each organization to plant them, often on their land for local people to enjoy. “

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