Penwortham girl joins veteran fundraisers in charity sale


Norma Blackburn, Margaret Dunn and Sadie Hiscock

A young fundraiser has raised almost £500 for the Rosemère Cancer Foundation alongside two fundraising veterans.


Sadie Hiscock, seven, from Penwortham, joined Norma Blackburn and Margaret Dunn on their latest drive-through sale as a ‘sales assistant’. She previously held her own toy sale to raise money for the charity last year.

Norma and Margaret have been raising money for the charity since 2011, so Sadie still has a ways to go to catch up

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She still has some way to go to catch up with her neighbors Norma and Margaret, who have been fundraising for the association since 2011.

This was their third sale down the aisle at Norma in Penwortham. In addition to Sadie, they were helped by Norma’s son, Simon Blackburn, and other friends.

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