Penwortham Dog Owners Group wags the tail

Meera and her rescue dog Theo

A woman who started a community group for local dog owners and small dog-friendly businesses has seen the group grow in recent months and support local businesses.


Penwortham Barks was set up by Meera during the lockdown to connect locals and share tips, tricks and dog-friendly places to visit.

Since launching in February 2021, the group has grown to almost 600 members and many have enjoyed visiting and supporting local businesses with their dogs.

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Meera wanted the group to be a helpful hub for owners, so in addition to inviting the community to share her recommendations, she put together free puppy training information and links to walks in the area.

To bring the community together, Meera has started hosting monthly Saturday dog ​​walks, which will resume in February or March for those with dogs aged one and over.

For those with puppies in the community, socialization sessions are held to help puppies learn how to behave around other dogs and people.

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The group has two highlights for Meera. First, the friendly and welcoming community that has been created.

Second, the education and support offered by members to small dog-friendly businesses. Many businesses have battled Covid and are still finding their feet.

As spring approaches, Meera hopes more dog owners will join the community and take part in Saturday dog ​​walks.

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