Penwortham barrister turned baker sees business grow in new premises

After quitting her career as a lawyer, Cindy Pickering started her own cake company, Cinderbake, which has grown in popularity.


Cindy started out baking party cakes and eventually moved on to making brownies, blondies and cookies, which she found she enjoyed more than decorating cakes.

Cindy said: ‘When the house started to look like a brownie factory I knew I needed premises and after a long search I found the perfect space in Kingsfold, Penwortham.

“I opened the store last summer and we are now a team of four. “

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She opened the shop last summer, which allowed her to grow her team to sell brownies, blondies, traybakes, old-fashioned cakes, NYC-style cookies and cookie pies in the shop. .

The team also changes the menu regularly so there’s always something new to try, and sells takeaway coffees and Wallings ice cream.

Cinderbake also offers nationwide postal deliveries and can fulfill corporate orders and celebrations, including birthdays and weddings.

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