Oh, that’s why every Android blog now has how to erase butt posts from your phone…


At Pocketables, I’ve been trying to provide useful information on how to use your phone and connected devices since I started writing root articles 12 years ago. Every once in a while we have a how-to article, several of which I noticed were recently reposted by other Android sites. I don’t claim they took mineI say these are the same tutorials I’ve written in the past (and many others have written their own), now other sites are pushing them like it’s going out of style.

Wait what?

Oh hey, little note here here – you don’t know me, you might not understand that I’m not shouting or standing on a soapbox here. I really am not. That’s exactly what I managed to find and you know, maybe it doesn’t apply to your favorite site that suddenly started posting tutorials after not really for several years.

What sounded like a big “let’s start at the beginning” to me initially turns out to be an attempt to take sites that are primarily about reviews and sales and make them more appealing to Google because search results for review-only sites are now deprecated with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Yes, a site with a “how to wipe your android’s ass” article that has people sitting on a page for a few minutes now will rank higher in general when people search for “where can I click a link on a bad review so someone gets a 6-10% commission for a badly written piece of fluff?” Let me rephrase that…. sites that offer something other than reviews and give readers perceived value will rank higher even if the review content is generally worse.

Yes, I am posting an article on how to take screenshot on protected screen on non-rooted phone, it makes my opinion on a bidet suddenly more valuable in the eyes of the almighty SEO.

The result of this latest change is now that everyone has started reposting the stuff that we’ve all been collecting for years. Everything at once.

Again, I’m not claiming that other people stole my work. Many sites have written the same things over the years and they mostly reproduce the same outdated content, even if one of them has the same order. As I was looking to update some things, I found the answer to why there are tutorial pages on websites that derive most of their income from sales.

I got it from the blog of an SEO group on review sites on FB, which unfortunately there is no good way to share as it is a private group.

Anyway, I’m not deleting other sites. Everyone needs to manage their site in such a way that they can survive. The only reason I went far enough in product reviews it was the only way to pay for the site because let me tell you, my total root article and tutorial donations are in the range of $50 a year for the last decade for a site that’s about two and a half times this month- ci (don’t mind, Disqus, SEO package, couple of plugins, the crowd, etc.)

It’s become rare that a site can just be its own thing and run without chasing Google’s SEO strategy and reinventing itself over and over again…it’s just weird that it comes down to that.

So yeah, take advantage of our perceived value in things other than product reviews, and you know…keep going.

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