Notre Dame is now accepting applications for the 2023 Summer Pre-College Program – Admissions Blog


Applications for the 2023 Summer Programming on University of Notre Dame Campus, Online, and Abroad are now live – even if it’s only October 2022!

High school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply for these programs, which introduce participants to college life, give students a chance to earn college credit, and provide Notre Dame with a valuable source of income. That said, financial aid and grants are also available.

The selection of programs is quite impressive, and now that the shadow of the pandemic has lifted, I encourage interested students to take a serious look at Notre Dame’s impressive international offerings in Italy, South Africa , Ireland and the United Kingdom. Yet the Indiana-based and online programming offerings are also intriguing as they appear to be taught by Notre Dame faculty. The most important consideration for students planning their summer is to engage in challenging opportunities that they have a genuine interest in. Sometimes this interest is new and cannot be explored during the school year. Other times that interest is ongoing and the opportunity represents a new way to pursue it than how the student has pursued it thus far. Either way, the student will get the most out of the experience if they are really invested in the content the program will explore, and Notre Dame certainly provides plenty of content that would be of interest to a lot of students.

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Often the most selective summer programs fill up in December or January; therefore, if you are interested in certain summer programs with Notre Dame or other universities, remember the oft-repeated maxim, “the early bird catches the worm”, and don’t wait to apply tomorrow – do- the today. Good luck.

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