No Man’s Sky 4.0 WayPoint Update Revises Gameplay Fundamentals


Hello, 2022 has been one of the busiest years for No Man’s Sky on PlayStation with the release of Sentinel, Outlaws, Leviathan and Endurance updates along with several other great expeditions, all free for PlayStation 4 owners, PlayStation 5 and Playstation VR.

That’s not all. We are happy to announce that our 4.0 update, Waypoint, is available for download today.

Waypoint brings a design and balance overhaul, including inventories, milestones, cataloging, and game modes. It also introduces hundreds of community-favorite quality-of-life improvements, both macro and micro.

Inventories have been overhauled, with ships, weapons, and players having their level caps significantly increased. Survival, crafting, combat, and controls can now all be customized to suit travelers’ unique playstyles.

Relaxed Mode emphasizes sandbox exploration for travelers old and new. Meanwhile, returning players are greeted by a new information portal with a summary of their goals and progress.

For long-term players, a new stage system, new collectibles, and improved mission content bring new long-term goals and challenges. With new streamlining and balance, Waypoint lets players enjoy twenty major updates in a more cohesive package.

This is hopefully the best time to be a No Man’s Sky player, whether you’re a new explorer enjoying our relaxed mode, a returning player who’s welcomed by a more consistent gameplay experience, or a base player who is excited about the increased level cap and hundreds of quality of life improvements.

The jump from 3.0 to 4.0 is perhaps our biggest generational leap yet. It’s an exciting time and marks a solid foundation for future updates. We can’t wait for players to experience Waypoint on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR starting today.

Our journey continues.

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