News Blog, May 9: Mother’s Day classic, robocalls target Priestly as poll opens

Sea of ​​Roses: The Mother’s Day classic at Victoria Park Lake on Sunday. Photo by Megan Fisher

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Hi Shepparton!

Max Stainkamph is back with you after a week off with no information on the election (I even ignored the flyers stuffed in my mailbox last week) and we’re officially off to early voting.

Stay tuned all day for all your news, elections and more, on this sunny Monday, which the office boffins say will hit 18 degrees with no rain in sight.

UPDATE, 11am: Driver refused to accompany police for drug test on three occasions

A man who refused to accompany police to the police station for a drug test three times and drove without a license four times has been placed on a community correction order which includes 120 hours of community work.

Read Monique Preston’s full story here.

UPDATE, 9:45 a.m.: early voting is open

Voting is open for the pre-election, which means that if you are working on Election Day or cannot get to a polling station in your electorate, you can vote before May 21.

Here’s the full summary of what you need to know.

UPDATE, 9am: Mother’s Day classic draws crowds, robocalls turn campaign sour

Shepparton’s Lake Victoria Park was a sea of ​​pink on Sunday May 8 as nearly 300 people attended the 10th celebration of the Mother’s Day classic.

Awareness and donations for breast cancer research, people of all ages – from young children in strollers to the elderly – participated, running or walking 2 km, 4 km or 8 km in the event.

Peter Frizzell running. Mother’s Day Classic Shepparton Where: Victoria Park Lake, Wyndham Street, Shepparton When: Sunday, May 8 Distances and times: 8km run at 9.30am, 2km walk and 4km at 9.45am Photo by Megan Fisher

Read Youssef Saudie’s full recap and see the full lineup of Megan Fisher’s photos in the feed here.

And in election news, residents of Nicholls have been hit with robocalls, authorized by Nationals, attacking independent candidate Rob Priestly.

In the post, a female voice asks what we really know about independent candidate Rob Priestly and his stance on “issues that matter”, including Australia’s defence, our relationship with China, border protection and if he supports higher taxes.

Darren Linton has the full story which you can read here.

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