New goal posts get Penwortham youngsters playing football

Goal posts with Mayor of Penwortham, PCSOs, Liam Denham, Sam Beattie, Elaine Lawrenson, Aaron Denham

Young people in Penwortham can now play football with their new goal posts thanks to a community partnership between local councils and a social housing provider.


Following applications from children in the Kingsfold area, Progress Housing Group worked with Penwortham Town Council, South Ribble Town Council and South Ribble Police to secure an offer through its Community Investment Fund .

The new goal posts were installed at Kingsfold Playground last month and were a welcome feature at Progress Housing Group’s Community Cleanup Day, where families joined Penwortham Borough Council Mayor David Bennet, and the PCSOs to remove waste from the area.

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The children also had fun making paper and having their bikes repaired, with the South Ribble Borough Council.

Members of the Progress Futures team spoke to the community about the employment advice and support they can offer, and worked alongside the Penwortham CAP Job Club.

Derek Wunderley, regional housing manager at Progress Housing Group, said: “We are grateful to everyone who showed up to support us and make the day a success.

“We would also like to thank South Ribble Borough Council who provided us with litter collection equipment and helped us install the goal posts.

“I know young people are excited to be able to play football now.

“We especially enjoyed working with our tenants and residents who picked up trash to make the neighborhood a better place to live. And through this we were supporting Penwortham Council’s Greener Fortnight campaign.

“We have also organized this day to connect with our tenants and reach out to those who may need our support. We were also able to help tenants with employment advice through our Progress Futures program.

“It was a great day, where everyone got involved to make a difference in the community.”

Steve Caswell, Penwortham Town Manager, said: ‘Penwortham Town Council are always happy and willing to work with our partners and the Community Cleanup Day is something we are proud to have helped in every way. possible.

“The new goal posts are something the kids in the neighborhood have been asking for. They can now have fun at their leisure and organize real matches if they wish.

“These goalposts will now give them purpose and a source of entertainment, not just over the coming summer months, but for many years to come.”

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