NBA Finals Game 1 – LIVE BLOG for Spurs fans

Welcome to PtR’ NBA Finals Live blog for San Antonio Spurs fans! We’ll provide quarter-by-quarter analysis looking at Ime Udoka and Derrick White’ Boston Celtics face Steve Kerr’ Golden State Warriors.

Come hang out in the comments, give your thoughts on the game, and if you have any questions about the Final or Spurs, ask them below and I’ll answer them on the live blog.

So, without further ado, what’s your streak prediction? I got Golden State in a 7 game classic.

First quarter:

  • Both teams are fully healthy for the game, with only James Wiesman on the injury report, but he’s been out all season, so both teams will have all the players available that got them to this point!
  • Compositions:

Celtics: Smart-Brown-Tatum-Horford-Williams

Warriors: Curry-Thompson-Wiggins-Green-Looney

  • The two teams have lined up, the national anthem is played, the crowd is full – IT’S THE NBA FINALS!
  • The 2022 NBA Finals Has Begun – Let’s Go!
  • The first four shots of the match were very short as both teams showed nervousness before Curry and Tatum set up their teams with a triple each.
  • The Warriors defiantly started to feed harder on the energy of the home crowd, but the Celtics stay close by hitting shots from beyond the arc – the home side seem content to leave Marcus Smart and Al Horford shoot three.
  • Welcome to the big stage, Steph Curry.

QUESTION from Espoon81: Since no one has mentioned it, what do Spurs fans think of C. Sexton?

Well, the Sexton report that he has fans in the Spurs front office came out of nowhere to me. Sexton has been out for most of the season, and the Cavs have thrived with Darius Garland heading. I think Sexton is a wonderful goalscorer who can provide a spark. Not too big of a fan of his game, but playing next to D.Murray wouldn’t be a big deal. He certainly wouldn’t be my plan A or B for this offseason, but if the Spurs lose other free agents, he’s not the worst contingency plan (as long as the contract is reasonable).

  • Derrick White enters for the first time and scores easily against the area.
  • Mark Jones just said Steph Curry is hotter than fish fat after making three more, is that a saying??? I’ve never heard this before, but Steph is on fire; up to 18 points in the first.
  • The first quarter of the final and Steph is already breaking the records of the final with six threes in one quarter!!! 21 points as the Warriors lead the Celtics by 4; 32-28. 12 entertaining minutes.

Second Quarter:

  • Derrick White has eight points at the start of his first-ever NBA Finals. The Warriors are totally happy to let the former Spur open from three and he responded by going 2/4.
  • Nerves have obviously calmed down for both teams as they shoot the lights in this high-scoring contest, so far.
  • Klay works with Curry on the bench – Plus, does Klay have the best shot in the NBA?
  • Tatum may not have found his shot yet, but his passing was elite, that assist to Rob Williams at the top was perfect.
  • The Warriors increased their intensity on defense after allowing Boston to tie the game on a 10-0 run. The zone could be a great way to stifle the Celtics’ offense and cause some indecision and rushing shots.
  • Consecutive fouls for Curry – one in attack and one in defense send him back to the bench. After a huge burst of points in the first quarter, Steph didn’t score in the second.
  • The second quarter was full of points. The Warriors struck first to secure a double-digit lead, but the Celtics fought back and ended up leading at halftime. 56-54. Ex Spur White has 8 points, 2 assists and 1 rebound in 15 minutes of action.

Third quarter:

  • The half-time break didn’t seem to slow the scoring, with both teams coming back to find baskets with ease.
  • Man oh man, Kevon Looney is making an impact again – the Celtics just can’t box him and the Warriors are feasting on his offensive rebounds.
  • How many current Spurs would make the final Celtics or Warriors rotations? DJ, Devin, Keldon, Jakob… right? Could Doug get into the rotation for his shot?
  • Steph Curry is thirty years old and the third-quarter Warriors are in double digits. How a team can be so consistently excellent in a singular neighborhood is beyond me.
  • With the fate of the universe at stake… I want Iguodala! Iggy rolls a three at the end of the third quarter. Back for the first time in weeks and making an impact.
  • Going into the fourth quarter, the Warriors are up 12; 92-80. Boston has work to do if it wants to steal Game 1.

Fourth trimester:

  • Tatum really struggles, even on open shots. He just doesn’t seem to have his rhythm and it’s credit to the earlier defense by the Warriors, meaning in the fourth Tatum still hasn’t found his touch.
  • But you have co-stars for a reason. Jaylen Brown steps up and takes control and Boston shot within 5.
  • Both teams can’t miss, it’s madness. Big shot after big shot including two huge threes by our guy Derrick White to level the ball game. Then Al Horford hit a triple to put the Celtics ahead, going 12-3 in 7 minutes. Wow.
  • We get a thriller in Game 1 of the Finals. Great players make great plays. The question is… who these players will be.
  • Derrick White has 21 points and has been a huge reason along with Brown and Horford for this Celtics comeback – he has seemingly found his three-point shot from the bubble once again.
  • A few timeouts from Ime Udoka to calm the Celtics who now have an 8-point lead with 3 minutes remaining.
  • Marcus Smart closes out this game for the road team. Two threes and Boston are up 14 points after dropping 12 before the fourth. Incredible return.
  • Steve Kerr emptied the bench, which means the Celtics will win Game 1 in the Bay Area.
  • The Boston Celtics prevailed 120-108 in a fourth quarter comeback where they couldn’t miss a shot. Former Spurs, Udoka and White (21 points, 5 threes) have one on ex-Spur, Steve Kerr to start the NBA Finals. A great game that sets up for a classic NBA Finals series.
  • Thank you all for tuning in to PtR’s NBA Finals Game 1 coverage!

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