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Michel Buble will join the judges’ table tonight as the remaining 10 couples dance to his hits on Dancing with the stars! Tonight’s show will also feature a performance from Judge Derek Hough and his bride Hayley Ebert, who will dance to the song “Higher” by Bublé.

Last week’s two-night event resulted in Joseph and Danielle be eliminated, while Selma and Sasha left the competition due to Selma’s health problems.

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The episode opens with Michael Bublé performing “Sway” while all of the female pros are dancing.

Shangela and Gleb – Tango – “Hollywood”

Kudos to Gleb for choreographing a tango for this because the song really blew me away. Lots of content for a Tango and Shangela gets better week by week, but the song made everything feel bad.

Len says he loved Shangela’s content and best dancing this season. Then Shangela interrupts by handing Len a piece of fried chicken from her breast because Len wanted her crispy legs, then she pulls out another piece and Tyra takes a bite of it. You can’t make this stuff up…Michael says she captured the essence of the song beautifully. Derek says the character was spot on and his frame was amazing despite a “foot thing” happening. Bruno says everyone is gaga for Shangela except for one misstep. Carrie Ann says that was what it took for Shangela to win the contest.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Michael- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 45/40

Trevor and Emma – Foxtrot – “Come Fly With Me”

This performance was so much fun! I am so impressed with Trevor’s frame and heels. He becomes such a great dancer and does exactly what the contestants are supposed to do on this show: get better every week.

Michael says it was lovely and free. Derek says he sees the presence of the main man and he put in a fantastic performance. Bruno says he was the sweetest he had ever been and had fun and was a real leader. Carrie Ann says she loves Trevor for this dance and although his first dance was a mess, he hasn’t become so confident. Len says he showed the sophistication of the Foxtrot and did a great job.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 8, Michael- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 9 = 42/50

Gabby and Val – Rumba – “House”

Seems a little fast for a Rumba. As usual, Gabby can’t perfect any steps when she’s alone, she only looks great when she’s on hold with Val. Honestly, Gabby’s attempt at being sexy felt so awkward and uncomfortable.

Derek compliments her leg action, but says she didn’t feel grounded enough for a rumba. Bruno compliments her forms and says the dance was perfect. Carrie Ann says it wasn’t as good as last week, but she appreciates this performance as she could tell she was trying to perfect the performance. Len says she won’t be going home for ages. Michael says it was the sexiest version of the song he had seen.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Michael- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 10 = 46/50

Vinny and Koko – Cha Cha – “Save Me the Last Dance”

The thing about Vinny is that he’s a delight to watch, but he lacks all the musicality needed in the ballroom. It also doesn’t help Koko isn’t the best choreographer…

Bruno compliments her hips but then says, “timing, honey.” Carrie Ann the public loves her because they feel her joy. Len says he liked the content but downright calls it a waste. Michael says the judges are full of him and he thought he was amazing. Derek says he’s the people’s champion, so he thinks Vinny is going nowhere.

Carrie Ann- 7, Len- 7, Michael- 8, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 36/50

Jordin and Brandon – Foxtrot – “You Make Me Feel So Young”

Jordin impressed me with this one. She’s clearly doing very well in grip, it’s just her free hand and arm that hurts. This song is also one of Foxtrot’s best.

Carrie Ann says she performs music superbly and hasn’t seen a dancer like her in so long. Len says he had great musicality and enjoyed it very much. Michael says it was effortless and she seems to enjoy it. Derek says she glows when she’s on the ground, but on a technical note, criticizes her shoulders. Bruno says she naturally interprets the meaning of the song and every word has been translated into motion.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 8, Michael- 9, Derek- 8, Bruno- 9 = 43/50

They interrupt the competition for Michael to perform “Higher” while Derek Hough, Hayley Ebert and the pros perform a routine choreographed by Derek.

Charli and Mark – Foxtrot – “Fever”

I could see Charli’s dance background coming out in there. It was one of those darker Foxtrots compared to Jordin’s light and cheerful feel. Charli nailed every step.

Len says he had a great swing and was just fantastic. Michael says it was effortless, mesmerizing and expressively erotic. Derek says it was the best quality Foxtrot he’s ever seen on the show and he’d give it a 12 if he could. Bruno says he was delirious and she sends him into dancing ecstasy. Carrie Ann says this competition is the hardest for Charli because she’s so good.

Carrie Ann- 10, Len- 10, Michael- 10, Derek- 10, Bruno- 10 = 50/50

Heidi and Artem – Samba – “It Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera)”

It mostly lacked bounce, and when she tried to bounce it felt so stiff. It looked like Artem was dancing with a doll. Very good choreo wasted on a lesser dancer.

Michael says she makes it look easy (coming from the only person at the judging table who isn’t a dance judge). Derek says it was a feast of Samba content and she felt like she was having fun with it. Bruno says it was clean, clear, crisp and precise. Carrie Ann says she saw her having fun and letting go but never lost her technique. Len says it was full of pace and personality, and if she’s in the bottom two again, he’s gonna show his ass in the supermarket (WTF).

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 9, Michael- 10, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 46/50

Wayne and Witney – Quickstep – “I Get a Kick From You”

It’s revealed that Wayne has been sick the last week and only started learning this routine on Friday, and if anyone here was going to learn a Quickstep in 2/3 days, I have full faith in Wayne who has it succeeded, which he did. There was kind of a misstep towards the end, but other than that he didn’t seem to have that much practice.

Derek says it was impressive for two days of rehearsal, but he found the dance to be hoppy and there were a few mistakes at the end. Bruno says it was the first time he got it wrong, but you never get tired of his performance. Carrie Ann says there were some mistakes and he could work on syncing with Witney. Len says he thinks Wayne pulled it off and overall is a fantastic dancer. Michael says it’s bitter how jealous he is of Wayne because he’s so good at everything he does.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 9, Michael- 10, Derek- 8, Bruno- 9 = 44/50

Jessie and Alan – Salsa – “Come Dance With Me”

Jessie has a much better bottom half for salsa than a top half. He looked clubby, like an amateur, and his steps were too light for a salsa. That elevator at the end also felt a little flimsy.

Bruno says she was a bundle of sexy fun and had a Samba-esque bounce. Carrie Ann says she was dancing hard and not scared, but skipping for a salsa. Len says there was a lot of rhythm and it was nice to see her having a blast. Michael says it was cool to see the beautiful person she is come out on this floor. Derek says he likes her fighting spirit, but her arms are flailing a bit.

Carrie Ann- 8, Len- 8, Michael- 9, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 41/50

Daniel and Britt – Foxtrot – “Feel Good”

Good choreography, good song, and a gorgeous dress, but Foxtrot is a dance you see in the first or second week of this show, and Daniel should have done it much better after all those weeks of competition. It’s like you can obviously see this competition getting tougher for him every week unfortunately.

Carrie Ann says we all feel good and it was a special way to end a special night, despite a moment when he beat the music. Len says he had a lot of expression in his arms but would have liked more up and down on hold. Michael says he has a crush on a man and captured the essence of the song beautifully. Derek says he has a nice emotion but criticizes his shoulders. Bruno says he loves its intensity and drive and hits every accent on the beat.

Carrie Ann- 9, Len- 8, Michael- 9, Derek- 8, Bruno- 9 = 43/50

The bottom two are… Jessie and Alan and Trevor and Emma.

The couple who come home are… Jesse and Alan.

It was close, but Trevor definitely improved a lot more than Jessie. His best dance was a marathon hustle, while Trevor impresses everyone every week with how well he masters every dance. Join me here next Monday, aka Halloween Night, as couples dance spooky routines and bring team dances back to the ballroom!

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